Early Weigh Day

I know weigh in day is tomorrow…buuut…it’s my Birthday tomorrow, so I decided to weigh in a little early to avoid thinking about my weight while eating my Birthday cake!

So last week, I had put on…what was it, 4 pounds? so I was at 233 Pounds. I’d eaten badly and was all bloaty and whatnot.

This week: 228 Pounds

A loss of 5 pounds. So…either my scales are insane, or My body was extra super bloated? I’m not sure…but there we go.

I’ve come down with a horrible cold, it’s very fluey. So I haven’t been able to get to the gym this week yet, I’m hoping this clears up ASAP. I’m already going to be ill for my birthday 😦 boooo!

Next week I will be happy to maintain Obviously I’ll be happier if I loose but as I’m ill and it’s my birthday… So I’m aiming for 228 again, perhaps 227 depending on how quickly I recover!



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