Weigh in day

It’s that time of week again – Weigh in day!

I feel I also need to reiterate my goals to myself, so my apologies for repeating myself, but I’m in need of some self-encouragement!

Last week: 228 Pounds

This week: 228 pounds

No loss or gain this week, I’m a little surprised as over the weekend I ate a lot. Though I suppose hiking must have counteracted that. (Yay)

My Goals:

In 5 weeks time: loose 7 pounds. I want to have lost this by the time I climb Ben Nevis. More would be nice of course, but I think this is very achievable.

NY resolution: loose 2 stone minimum by July (weigh in at 200 pounds)

Summer goal: 180 pounds

Healthy BMI goal: 145 pounds

Ultimate goal: 130 pounds

I need to stay positive and cut out all the crap. I’m choosing to challenge myself with things throughout the year, like with climbing Ben Nevis. My next challenge is yet to be decided, but I’m thinking along the lines of running. Maybe a 5k race or something of the sort.

Happy Wednesday everybody

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