Ben Nevis Training Hike #4

It’s getting even closer!!! Aaaaaaah!!!


Location: Bluebell Hill
Trail type: woodland/trail/footpath
Distance: 1.97-break for lunch-2.38 (4.35 total)
Time: 28m-break-40m (1h 8m total)
Average pace: 14:16m/km -break- 17:42m/km

The weather we had for this walk was amazing. I was feeling a bit crappy, but as soon as I felt the sun I cheered right up! Summer is coming. It’s even light when I get up for work now!

The walk was good, the first half was down hill and then flattened out, so it was easy enough to manage. The we got to a pub and decided as we needed to stop for a wee break we may as well stop and have lunch too. After we had eaten big lunches, we then walked back along a different route…of course as the way to the pub was downhill, the way back was uphill. We ended up walking along a small trail that was quite steep going uphill. It felt like it was going to never end! I struggled with the hill, I had to concentrate on breathing (I have asthma) and keeping my legs moving. I kept my focus on the ground in front of me and avoided looking up at what was left to climb-I would have become discouraged otherwise. After that hill I am worried about BN. It’s all going to be one giant hill!! I am going to die.

I’ve made a Ben Nevis countdown schedule, and put down gym days and whatnot. Expect lots of workout posts in the next 2 weeks. If I don’t go, feel free to hurl abuse at me. Not really. I would get upset. I beat myself up enough for not going to the gym…

Anyways… Here’s some pictures!








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