Weigh In Wednesday

That time of week again…

Last week: 230.5 pounds
Today: 233.5 pounds

Well, I think I found where my easter weight went. It was just waiting to spring. Not to mention I had a weekend of eating lots of bread and crepes and whatnot. Ohwell! I’ll get it back off for next week. I hope.

My plan this week is to not over indulge. I may have a huge bar of chocolate and an easter egg left to eat, but that doesn’t mean I have to eat it all at once. All things in moderation! I also need to be stricter on what I’m eating at work, major snacking central there! If I can get that right, I should see a difference in my weight.

Exercise for this week is, of course, running-continuing C25K training. I also want to start including some strength exercises into my daily routine, like squats, lunges, and the dreaded plank.

I desperately need to get in the band wagon and stay there.

Race For Life Training Week #2

Eep it’s getting closer! I only got 2 runs in last week unfortunately, but this week will be better!

Run #4: week 2 of C25K – This run was not great. My ankles were hurting and I couldn’t breathe. I did 4 out of the 6 running sections, but I’m proud of myself for continuing. The two I missed were in the middle, so it took alot for me to do the last 2 sections.

Run #5: week 2 of C25K – I really didn’t feel like running. But as I had just eaten a whole easter egg I had to force myself to go out. It went well. I did all of the sections and felt really good afterwards for doing it. Yay for endorphins! I did get a stich, so I stretched it out while walking, and continued on. In this run I was conciously trying to keep my head up and forward. Doing this really helped my posture and breathing while running, and I felt like I was running faster too. More of this in future please!

This week I want to do 4 runs, and blast through week 3 of C25K. This week is a big one for me. If I get past this week I will have got further on C25K than ever before, in a short amount of time too. Slightly scary! I hope I can do this…

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Weigh In Wednesday

Yes, it’s that time of the week again!

Last week: 231 pounds
Today: 230.5 pounds
A loss of 0.5 pounds

Wooo a loss is a loss right?? And it was Easter weekend! Next week I might not be so lucky but im hoping the running will keep the chocolate at bay!

This week’s plan:
run 3 times, already done 1!
Do some strength training, particularly arms
Try to keep my food intake under control… Do not gorge on chocolate…

I’d like to get down to the gym if possible, it’s been a while. I could get some strength training done there maybe…so much to do so little time!!

Race For Life Training Week #1

In the past week I got 3 running sessions in. Quite proud of myself for that because I struggle with keeping up the motivation to go running. To get myself into 5k shape im using the NHS Couch to 5k podcast – I’ve used this before and found that it did help me to build up how far I could run, until I lost all motivation to run of course.


Run #1: week 1 of C25K – morning run – did not go well. My ankles were a major problem, they became all seized up and stiff the longer I ran. As a result of this, I only made it half way through the programme and walked for the rest of the time. At least I got out there and did half…

Run #2: week 1 of C25K – evening run – went amazingly well. I felt invincible and was smiling to myself while running. No idea why this run was so good, I just felt awesome. After this run I felt able to move to C25K week 2 early. The programme recommends completing each weeek 3 times bedore moving on.

Run #3: week 2 of C25K – morning run – had to make my route a little longer this time as I was running for longer lengths of time, and therefore getting further. The run went really well. It was hard, and my ankles were killing me, but I did all of the podcast. Yay.

So for week 1 of training, not bad. Not bad at all. I’m hoping for another good week this week!

I have some more exciting news. You may have noticed in previous posts that I’ve hinted at something pretty muddy coming up…well, me and two of my girlfriends have signed up for cancer research’s Pretty Muddy event – a 5k obstacle course for ladies. This is happening in July, a month after my work race for life 5k. I have got a lot of training to do!





Weigh In

Good morning world!

Is time for the first weigh in after Ben, and some exciting announcements.

Before Ben: 229 pounds
After Ben: 234 pounds
Today: 231 pounds

A gain of 2 pounds, but hey, no problem. I’m down 3 from directly after Scotland so I think that’s a win.

There are still some Ben Nevis Chronicles to come, so keep an eye out for those!

Now for the announcement, as of yesterday I will officially be running a race for life 5k. I’m doing this with two of my colleagues in June. The 11th to be precise. AAAAHHHHH 2 months!! I must be crazy to do this. I’m not a runner! I only have 2 months to become a short distance runner! I hope the girls know what they’re getting themselves into… I run very slowly. 2 months of training and I should be up to doing the 5k. If not, then I’m doing it regardless! I’ve been on a couple of runs this week, I’ll post about them and talk about all of this in more detail then!

For now, byeee!

The Ben Nevis Chronicles : When Nature Calls

Luncheon was finished, and we had all wrapped up warm as we were feeling the chill after staying still for a while.



We continued onwards and upwards towards the snowy ridge. When we finally got there, I was feeling pretty apprehensive. H went first, we held back to get a couple of pics.


I decided to pluck up my courage and go across next. I was worried I would chicken out if I left it too long…Not going to lie, it was a bit scary going across. The worst part was the hole in the snow half way along. I could see the side of the mountain and the path… Which was 3 foot below me.


This stick is Mr A’s. It was set for his giant 6″3 height, and went that far into the snow.

Queasy? You bet. I was very glad to get across and make my way to the non snowy part of the path and rest for a few mins. Phew. This must be the most extreme outdoorsy thing I have ever done. I will tell you now, I was wrong.


The path continued along and up Ben, with intermittent snowy sections. Looking back across the valley was amazing. We were so high up now!  I remember thinking that it would look even more amazing from the peak.

Now, as the title of this post suggests, nature did in fact, make a call…While up a mountain there are very limited options to deal with a situation like this…so…that happened.

Moving swiftly on, we got to the end of a zig zag, and the path disappeared under snow. Everywhere. We knew really vaugly where the path should be, but not well enough to risk traversing the snow along the cliff edge. On our left there was a steep sheet of snow up to the upper part of Ben Nevis. I would say peak, but once you get up there you still have an hour or so walk to get to the actual peak…

By this point I had had enough. I was tired, uncomfortable in so many layers, and my body was screaming in protest at the notion of moving. Then came the million dollar suggestion that we go up the sheer snowy side of the mountain…um, what?! yepp. So that happened.


The snow was slippy, icy, and scary as hell. Sliding down a mountain is not something I had ever planned to do in my life, and with every single step I struggled to stay balanced and stop myself from sliding down. I was exhausted, and collapsed half way up. Full on face plant in the snow, with ugly crying. Again. Andrew, bless him, was amazing. He stayed with me the whole time and got me to get up and carry on. I love this guy. When I finally made it to the rocky part where the others were already waiting, I sat and had a sob. And sobbed some more when I realised we would have to get back down.

Worst. Idea. Ever.

The Ben Nevis Chronicles: The Ascent

After the mad scramble mentioned in my last post, we set off to the steep shortcut path directly opposite our cottage. Instead of the more gradual path from the visitors centre…

Ben Nevis path

Approximation of the path we took up the mountain

The path starts out as a really easy rocky path, then very rapidly becomes a very steep ascent up the side of the mountain next to Ben. To get to Ben you first have to make your way up the adjacent peak, then across to Ben. I knew pretty much instantly that I was not fit enough to go up a mountain. I was slow, had to stop a lot, and was really feeling the strain on my legs. Despite this, I pushed on and made my way up the steep zig zags.

About halfway up, I inexplicably ended up in tears. I had forgotten a little quirk in my personality… extreme physical exertion makes me emotional. Ups and downs like you wouldn’t believe. ugh. After my little crying jaunt I got up and carried on. And on. And on. It was much easier to concentrate on the ground making sure I didn’t trip over a rock/stone/myself than look ahead at how far I still had to go…I did look at how far we had come however.  It was astonishing how far we had got in a short space of time. I was in no way going quickly, the terrain was just that steep.

Eventually I caught up to the others at a wooden bench near to the top of the shortcut path, where we all had a bit of a rest while looking down at our little cottage and the surrounding landscape.


Once we were suitably refreshed, we began or journey again. 5 minutes later it came to an abrupt halt when I realised my waterproof jacket was no longer attached to my backpack. I was more than a little horrified as it had my digital camera and a few other bits in the pockets…I was being brave and almost shrugging it off, but inside I was devastated that I would have to either 1: go back down to try and find it, hoping that it hasn’t blown away; or 2: carry on without it and lose all the images I haven’t got around to backing up. Which is a lot of pics. Both felt like impossible options.

Lucky for me, Mr MandyMoo (often referred to as A in previous posts) came to the rescue by running down the mountain to look for it. He ran back up the mountain, and the rest of us were straining to see if he was carrying anything. He came fully into veiw on the path below us, clutching something purple in his fist. My jacket!! My hero! he had met two guys who were coming up the path behind us who had very kindly picked up my jacket for me. Thank you strangers!

We finally joined the main path, and were endlessly climbing upwards above beatific, deadly scenery, in strong winds. I found myself having to repeatedly stop and regain my balance after particularly strong gusts of wind. And being that high up wasn’t scary enough?! We finally made our way all the way around the side of the mountain, and were going along above the valley between Ben Nevis and the mountain we were walking on. I think it was at this point that I really began to appreciate the veiws, especially the waterfall going down to the stream below us, which runs down to the river that runs alongside the road. We eventually made or way to the top of that path, and decided to stop on the grassy verge to have lunch. After playing in the first bit of snow we saw...

Across the valley from where we were sat we could see a snowy ridge, with a distinctive path across it. This ridge is actually a waterfall, so beneath the snowyness it was a drop to water and the sheer side of a mountain. It was at this point I became a little obsessed with asking the people we saw coming down if they had made it to the top. All of them said no because they didn’t have the right equipment for the snow… This bodes well for us… Not…