The Ben Nevis Chronicles: Traveling to Scotland

We all traveled up on Saturday, leaving at stupid o’clock in the morning.  2am, in case you were wondering… It literally took us forever to get to Fort William.  We made good time getting up to Scotch Corner services, approx 5 hours with 2 toilet stops prior to this. At Scotch Corner we took a 40m break for mr H who was driving us up the whole way. FYI we were driving from the South of England, below London…ish.

From the services, we continued our journey up the country and eventually crossed into Scotland. Yay. While travelling through Scotland we came across Loch Lomond, which has shops, resturants, and an aquarium. Collectively we decided to stop off and pop into the aquarium, and grab some lunch/dinner afterwards.


Loch Lomond is a huuuge loch-as we found out from driving around it when we continued our journey!-Which is home to a birds of prey centre, aquarium, shops, resturants and a mini funfair. Very cute, with beautiful scenery. It was a very welcome break from being sat in a car for umpteen hours!

When we decided to head off again, we were treated to veiws of beautiful dense woodland and the ginormous Loch Lomond. A very picturesque drive. The wooded areas soon gave way to rugged plains and rolling hills, which in turn became harsh terrain and snow topped mountains.


This is where I became very nervous. All the mountains we were passing were huge and untraversable. I kept thinking to myself ‘If these mountains are this big, then how big is Ben Nevis going to be!?’ I can tell you now, Ben is BIG. We were all keeping an eye out to spot Ben, but it’s harder than it seems to distinguish one mountain from the other…we knew we had found it when we pulled into the Glen Nevis car park at 5pm. All we had to do was look up…



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