The Ben Nevis Chronicles: Before Ben

First of all I need to explain a little situation that arose. We were planning to climb up Ben Nevis Monday 31st, Monday was one of the better forecasted days weather-wise. Plus if any unexpected conditions stopped us from going up we would still have the rest of the week to give it another go. This was all well and good until on Sunday-during the walk to lower falls-A suddenly noticed the heels of his walking boots were completely destroyed…I have no idea how this wasn’t noticed before going on a walking holiday but there we go, these things happen…We had to readjust our plans of climbing Ben so A could grab some new boots, then climb on Tuesday. We decided to go to the visitors centre first thing Monday morning to find out about the conditions, hit town for boots and food supplies, then head out to Inverness. This didn’t exactly go to plan.

After speaking to a lovely-and very helpful-lady at the visitors centre, it became very clear that the best day to go up Ben was that day. Monday. As Tues and Weds had only 30-40% visibility towards the peak, and Monday was 80%, as well as good weather. It also became clear that we would need walking sticks if we wanted to traverse the snowier parts of BN. Yes, snow! Apprehensive? You could say that… After grabbing a map and compass, we shot off into town to find Mountain Warehouse. I was-to be frank-pooing my pants. My ankle-I twisted it last week, may have mentioned this in one of my posts-was still a little bit dodgy, so I was worrying about this on top of going up a mountain with not much training.

We were very lucky to find good boots for A, as well as sticks on sale, and gaitors that actually fit around my ginormous calves! Then it was a mad scramble to tescos, and back to the cottage to get ready for the unexpected climb.


Yupp. Not at all worried…


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