Weigh In

Good morning world!

Is time for the first weigh in after Ben, and some exciting announcements.

Before Ben: 229 pounds
After Ben: 234 pounds
Today: 231 pounds

A gain of 2 pounds, but hey, no problem. I’m down 3 from directly after Scotland so I think that’s a win.

There are still some Ben Nevis Chronicles to come, so keep an eye out for those!

Now for the announcement, as of yesterday I will officially be running a race for life 5k. I’m doing this with two of my colleagues in June. The 11th to be precise. AAAAHHHHH 2 months!! I must be crazy to do this. I’m not a runner! I only have 2 months to become a short distance runner! I hope the girls know what they’re getting themselves into… I run very slowly. 2 months of training and I should be up to doing the 5k. If not, then I’m doing it regardless! I’ve been on a couple of runs this week, I’ll post about them and talk about all of this in more detail then!

For now, byeee!

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