Weigh In Wednesday

That time of week again…

Last week: 230.5 pounds
Today: 233.5 pounds

Well, I think I found where my easter weight went. It was just waiting to spring. Not to mention I had a weekend of eating lots of bread and crepes and whatnot. Ohwell! I’ll get it back off for next week. I hope.

My plan this week is to not over indulge. I may have a huge bar of chocolate and an easter egg left to eat, but that doesn’t mean I have to eat it all at once. All things in moderation! I also need to be stricter on what I’m eating at work, major snacking central there! If I can get that right, I should see a difference in my weight.

Exercise for this week is, of course, running-continuing C25K training. I also want to start including some strength exercises into my daily routine, like squats, lunges, and the dreaded plank.

I desperately need to get in the band wagon and stay there.

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