The Ben Nevis Chronicles : The Aftermath

It’s been a while since I wrote about BN, I feel out of the habit of it and hadn’t jumped back into it for a while. So it’s about damn time!

At the end of the last post I had fallen down the mountain and been rescued by Hux bravely catching me and playing  roll down the hill. I mean mountain. After that exciting event, we continued back down the mountain. Our progress was good, of you take into account we were all exhausted and two of us were limping (Me on my ankle, and Hux on his knee). We eventually reached the snowy ridge again, and I was practically having a panic attack about having to walk on snow again, with risk of death by falling. More of the snow had melted, so there was now 2 huge holes exposing the side of the mountain, which were definitely big enough to fall through. Enter deep breathing relaxation techniques... made it across and felt the after effects of the stress for sure.


At this point all I wanted was to be back in the cabin snuggled up in my pj’s. Unfortunately I still had several hours of walking ahead of me. I was a absolute grump on the way down, though the closer down we got, the happier I felt. Despite my thighs of thunder screaming in protest every time I needed to bend them more than normal. For example to step down a step/rock. Of which there were alot. All the time.

When we reached the bench, I was in much higher spirits and we had made friends with some rams who were populating the mountain.


I could see the cabin, I knew we weren’t far away now. As we drew closer to the bottom, it became more of a race. Hux and Kay had been racing more or less the whole time, while Andrew stayed back with me because I’m slow. Such a gent. Though, as the path was tapering off to flat ground, Andrew got his stride on and caught up to them both. And overtook. Which, of course, ended up in a race to the bridge between him and Kayleigh. Kayleigh won. Woo girl power! Instead of going to the top of the fence climb over thing (it was like a sty but with two platforms rather than bits of wood) Kay climbed over on the lower platform, while andrew was on the upper, and got ahead of him. It was briliant! Hux and I followed after at a much slower pace, enjoying the flat road as much as possible. After we had finally got to the cabin, I promptly resolved to never go up a mountain ever again.


Never again!

Over the next few days we all discussed it, and decided we would come back next year-when there’s less snow-and try to reach the top. I agreed, the horror of the mountain fading quickly in light of the exhultation at having gone up it. Though I did tell myself that next time, I’ll be ready.

Wednesday Weigh In

Good morning to all!
Lets not beat around the bush.

Last week: 231.5 pounds
Today: 230.5 pounds
Loss of 1 pound! Yazoo!

Finally. Next week im desperate to break back into the 220’s, and to stay below 230 the week after. I must admit I was a little surprised to lose anything this week as I had a bit of a big food weekend in celebration of Hux’s birthday… But I’m not going to complain too much! I got good food, and lost weight. Winwin in my eyes. Though I probably need to be really good with my food this week to make sure that pesky pound doesnt slip back on…

So, the plan-

Food: eat well, dont cheat and snack on bad foods at work. One upside of having no money at the moment is that I cant afford to go and buy unhealthy food!

Exercise: I am feeling some major guilt over not running yesterday. To be fair it was peeing it down with rain and I got back late because my driving lesson was longer this week… But still, I’m not going to fit in many runs this week unless I run Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Maybe that’s what I should do.

Life: positivity is important. I’m really negative about myself and it shows. Still yet to go through my wardrobe and find summer clothes….

Next week: shed another pound to get below 230!

Race For Life Training Week #6

Hi, my name is Becky and I’ve been running for 6 weeks. How has that even happened? I’ve never stuck to an exercise routine for this long before. Ever. Except for PE at school but I’m not sure that counts. I think having a specific event to train for is what has given me the motivation to stick with this and see it through to the bitter end! With this determination, I give you this weeks runs…

Run #13: week 5.1 of C25K – this week is a little different, each run has a different structure. The first one is 5 mimutes running, 3 minutes walking x 3. Sisterbell accompanied me again on this one, and I felt like we were a little more on even footing. Just a little. I did have to stop half way through the second 5 min run, but only to stretch out my ankles. They were sore and stiff. My stop only cost me 30 seconds or so, and I completed all of the rest of it despite having a god awful stitch throughout the last run. The next run is 8 mins running…I’m both looking forward to it and dreading it all at the same time…

Run #14: week 5.2 of C25K – this run was 8 mins running, 5 mins walking x 2. I was dreading this a little, and I think I was right to as I was not able to run for a full 8 mins. I only took very short breaks, but ut was hard work. It was a good feeling that there was only 2 runs, which helped me to carry on. I was feeling good afterwars, and opted to move onto the next run rather than repeat it.

Run #15: week 5.3 of C25K – 20 minutes of running. I’m sorry what? Thats quite a big jump. I gave it a shot anyway, and it was awful. I couldnt do it. My ankles were killing me, I was frustrated that o couldnt do it-especially as there is only 2.5 weeks until my race for life. I ended up sobbing a bit. Sob-running is never attractive. Ever. I’m going to repeat week 5.2 and 5.3…

Wednesday Weigh in

Good morrrrning!

I maintained this week, I need to shake up my food I think to start shifting the weight off. More fruits and veggies are much needed! I always intend to eat better but it never really happens…bad me. Am going to really try hard this week to eat better…

Exercise: aiming for 3 runs this week, and a trip to the gym. Not sure when ill fit that in buut I’ll try to make it work!

Life: more positivity is always a good thing. I need to overhaul my wardrobe and find clothes that are suitable for summer, and maybe it’s time to let go of some of the items I’ve been hanging onto…

Race For Life Training Week #5

This week has gone much better. Not feeling quite as despondent as last week! However I only got 2 runs in…

Run #11: week 4 of C25K – First attempt at doing this again after the epic fail last time. It wasn’t as bad. I went alone this time, and I think it helped me get myself back into the running zone. I wasn’t competing with anyone or trying to keep up with a pace I couldn’t sustain, so I acheived more. I didn’t complete the whole run so I’m going to need to do this week again until I can, otherwise I’ll be moving even more out of my depth and risk another meltdown. I did the first 3 mins, then had to stop during the 5 min for about a min and a half. I didnt do any of the second 3 min, but…I did the whole of the last 5 mins. Yay new running record!

Run #12: week 4 of C25K – this is meant to be week 5, but as I said above there’s no point in moving to the next week if I can’t complete this one. So with that in mind, I went out and completed it. All of it. I knew I could run 5 mins from last time, and I knew I needed to complete it or risk falling behind on the programme, so it just kind of happened. Wooooooo! I also switched to using Nike+ instead of map my run, there’s just a couple of extra features on the nike app that puts it in better stead than MMR. I feel really happy about completing the run, and I feel good that I can now move onto the next run. And scared. Eeeep!

Wednesday Weigh in

Good morrow! After a turbulent weekend in which I had a fight with myself about running, I’ve come out the other side and reached the inevitable weigh in day.

Last week: 233.5 pounds
Today: 231.5 pounds

Water weight you feind!

I’m always up and down a few pounds like a yoyo due to water weight, which makes it quite difficult to tell if it’s a real loss or not. But I’m happy it’s a loss nonetheless.

This week:
EAT WELL. By well I mean good whole foods. Fruit and veg and cut out those darn biscuits. Luckily all the biscuits at work have gone…

Run. Keep it up, don’t give up even if there’s a bad run-I’m still going faster than everyone on the couch. I was reminded of this over the weekend.

Exercise. I want to do strength exercises, especially for my arms and back. I’ve been trying to work out a day which I can get to the gym for weights, but it’s been difficult! Outside of that there are exercises which can be done at home…Once I fit this into my weekly schedule it should come easily.

Happy Wednesday! Almost the weekend!

The Ben Nevis Chronicles : Falling Down A Mountain, as told by K & H

As promised, here’s the remaining descriptions from K & H. Both of these make me giggle! So please enjoy.

As told by Miss K:

Recently, me, Hux, Becky and Rainsbury took on the beast that is Ben Nevis… It was an amazing adventure with many great memories! One of the more memorable events happened shortly after lunch when we hit what felt like a wall of snow! The incline was pretty harsh, any semblance of a path had disappeared completely and we were definitely not suitably equipped for what we decided to do next, which was climb the bleeding thing! We had been going for some time and were tired and I think in our heads we had crampons and pick axes but in reality we were dealing with walking poles (which actually served us pretty well but were nevertheless not enough for winter climbing) and grips which never wanted to stay on!

Slowly but surely however, we made our way up. We got just under half way up and had actually reached quite a height –  it was at that point though that we decided it would be best to turn around and begin the long descent back to camp – we were running out of daylight and, as much as we may have wanted to continue, it was too dangerous and bodies were aching!!!

We now had to get back down the snow slide that we had just climbed…Hux started to descend slowly and suddenly decided it would fun to slide down to where the snow had mostly disappeared and the path we had climbed up previously could be seen again – it looked like so much fun but I wasn’t going to try it, plus Andrew (Hux) shouted not to. Luckily, Hux managed to stop himself near the bottom by slamming his poles into the snow and gradually coming to a halt. I did slip at one point and started sliding but somehow managed to stop myself before gaining too much momentum! Realising how slippery it was I took it very, very slowly from then on…
What happened next was pretty darn funny albeit a bit (VERY) dangerous! Ha :/
Above me, Becky was starting to descend as well – at that point I was roughly halfway between Becky (at the top) and Hux (at the bottom) when I saw Becky start sliding. She quickly recovered, me and Hux sighed with relief but, almost immediately, she started sliding again and this time she was not stopping!!
Me and Hux were watching her waiting to see if she would be able to get up again. As she got closer I realised she was not going to stop and was heading right for me, I started to scramble as quickly as I could to move out of the way otherwise there would then be two of us sliding down the mountain. As she passed me, at what felt like 60mph, Becky was now going backwards butt-first and I could see Hux preparing (somewhat anxiously) to stop her sliding and flying off the face of the mountain never to be seen again. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that on the other side of the path was a huge drop down the side of the mountain!!

The next part reminds me of one of those fight scenes where all you can see is dust and the odd limb appear here and there! Becky knocked Hux clean off his feet and they started rolling, I couldn’t keep track of who rolled over who! Then, one of Hux’s walking poles flew high up into the air and slid down the snow. It all happened so fast – mine and Rainbury’s view was priceless and we couldn’t help but giggle initially. We all immediately shouted up to Rainsbury to tell him not to attempt it and all soon realised how lucky they had been not to disappear of the mountain side…any further to the right and the rocks would not have been there to stop them! What were we thinking!? But what a ride, just like a movie scene 🙂


As told by Mr H:

Hey, I’m Andrew. As a reader of Becky’s blog you may already know me as H as that is my surname. In this brief description I will be writing about Becky’s attempt to race us to the bottom of the mountain on her arse, and my attempt to stop her from winning!

What started as a casual decent down the mountain ended up with the two of us sitting rather uncomfortably on some rocks but I shall get to that later. When we had reached the furthest point we could reasonably achieve that day, we began to slowly descend the mountain face. With my naturally competitive nature I had to go first because you gotta win, right? I past the others and was about 10 metres away from where the ground phased between snow to rock. At this time of year this was a very common pattern on the mountain as it’s only just the beginning of the season and there is a mega tonne of snow up there.

As I slowly approached the next clump of rocks I slipped and ended on my arse, no damage done. I thought “Hey, why don’t I just slide to the next rock pile. Where is the harm in that?” . So I proceeded to slide my way to the rocks picking up speed. I placed my hands on the ground to no avail, so I jammed my walking sticks between my legs into the snow to slow myself almost castrating myself in the process.  With the combination of the walking sticks and the first group of friendly rocks stopping my decent, I ripped part of the thigh in my trousers.  Minor scratches, nothing to write home about.
I then stood up, dusted myself off and looked back at the others slowly climbing down. I tried yelling up the mountain to warn the others, “as much as it looks fun to slide, it’s almost impossible to stop yourself once you get going!”  I was lucky as it was only a short distance so I didn’t do much damage to myself.  On this snowy face of the mountain there was Becky and her other half at the top of the slope, and my other half, half way down towards me. I thought, I better wait for the others to keep together. Power in numbers and all that!

As they slowly descended Becky slipped and ended up on her arse, but no big deal. I stood there looking over the mountain waiting for them to move along and then I looked back up to them. Becky was struggling to get back up on the slippery surface. I stood watching thinking “Don’t rush, you’re going to slip,”. As I just finished that thought, Becky started sliding down the mountain, not by choice.  I crossed my fingers in hope that she would stop as she was bearing down on my girlfriend and then we would have two people sliding down the mountain! My other half managed to scramble out of the way and stood on helplessly.  At this point Becky was spinning and I looked over my shoulder to see the two options Becky had to stop. Either hit the rocks at speed or disappear over the snowy verge to the right of the rocks never to be seen again.  Neither seemed particularly appealing.

As I didn’t want Becky to get hurt or disappear over the ridge and get eaten by the mountain, I thought I better do something to stop her or at least slow her down. I turned and faced her head on, walking sticks in hand, in a low crouched position bracing for the impact to come. The last thing I remember just before the impact was me sighing in anticipation, thinking this is going to hurt.

The next thing I know is, I’m face down in some rocks and my knee feeling like it’s on fire. I turned myself over, blinking a couple of times to get my eyes back in focus. I find Becky in a heap not far from me looking in a generally ok condition. I called over regardless to see if she was alright, she nodded and asked the same. I looked down at my knees which were caught between two sets of rocks in what looked like a praying position.  I straightened myself out, and being a typical boy, started picking at the new shallow hole in my leg, picking out the dirt and pulling off the little chunk of skin still flapping about in the wind.  In the tumble I managed to lose one of my sticks which I jammed in the ground before Becky’s impact. It had ended up further down the mountain so I needed to retrieve it. The descent down the mountain was slow and painful, but thankfully no serious injuries.  Nothing retelling the story in a heroic way wouldn’t fix! Maybe I should have a cape in my next draft.

I cant help but titter away to myself when reading through these!

There you have it. The story told from 4 perspectives, now it’s like you were there! Hope you all enjoyed reading these as much as I did! More BN posts are still to come, but all a little less on the extreme side!

A huge thank you to Andrew, Andrew H, and Kayleigh for contributing!