Race For Life Training Week #3

Weeee another week is over! Unfortunately I only managed 2 runs this week, too much food at the weekend + doing stuff for mums birthday = no time!

Run #6: week 3 of C25K – well I can undoubtedly say that I never reached week 3 when I was doing this before. I thought I had, but I definitely have not. This one is 90 secs running, 90 secs walking, 3 mins running, 3 mins walking. X 2. Well I certainly threw myself into this one. My ankles were killing me during this run, so I did end up missing the 90second run on the repeat. But, I did both 3 min sections. I have not run for that length of time ever.  Maybe when I was small but defo not for a looong time! I felt a little epic after doing that…

Run #7: week 3 of C25K – I wasn’t really looking forward to doing this, but I dragged myself (and my sister) out regardless. I did all of the running sections this time, I think running with sisterbell helped because I didn’t want to fail at running and have to call her back (she is much fitter than I am and had no trouble with it). I’m glad I pushed myself through this session.


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