Wednesday Weigh in

Good morrow! After a turbulent weekend in which I had a fight with myself about running, I’ve come out the other side and reached the inevitable weigh in day.

Last week: 233.5 pounds
Today: 231.5 pounds

Water weight you feind!

I’m always up and down a few pounds like a yoyo due to water weight, which makes it quite difficult to tell if it’s a real loss or not. But I’m happy it’s a loss nonetheless.

This week:
EAT WELL. By well I mean good whole foods. Fruit and veg and cut out those darn biscuits. Luckily all the biscuits at work have gone…

Run. Keep it up, don’t give up even if there’s a bad run-I’m still going faster than everyone on the couch. I was reminded of this over the weekend.

Exercise. I want to do strength exercises, especially for my arms and back. I’ve been trying to work out a day which I can get to the gym for weights, but it’s been difficult! Outside of that there are exercises which can be done at home…Once I fit this into my weekly schedule it should come easily.

Happy Wednesday! Almost the weekend!

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