Race For Life Training Week #5

This week has gone much better. Not feeling quite as despondent as last week! However I only got 2 runs in…

Run #11: week 4 of C25K – First attempt at doing this again after the epic fail last time. It wasn’t as bad. I went alone this time, and I think it helped me get myself back into the running zone. I wasn’t competing with anyone or trying to keep up with a pace I couldn’t sustain, so I acheived more. I didn’t complete the whole run so I’m going to need to do this week again until I can, otherwise I’ll be moving even more out of my depth and risk another meltdown. I did the first 3 mins, then had to stop during the 5 min for about a min and a half. I didnt do any of the second 3 min, but…I did the whole of the last 5 mins. Yay new running record!

Run #12: week 4 of C25K – this is meant to be week 5, but as I said above there’s no point in moving to the next week if I can’t complete this one. So with that in mind, I went out and completed it. All of it. I knew I could run 5 mins from last time, and I knew I needed to complete it or risk falling behind on the programme, so it just kind of happened. Wooooooo! I also switched to using Nike+ instead of map my run, there’s just a couple of extra features on the nike app that puts it in better stead than MMR. I feel really happy about completing the run, and I feel good that I can now move onto the next run. And scared. Eeeep!

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