Wednesday Weigh in

Good morrrrning!

I maintained this week, I need to shake up my food I think to start shifting the weight off. More fruits and veggies are much needed! I always intend to eat better but it never really happens…bad me. Am going to really try hard this week to eat better…

Exercise: aiming for 3 runs this week, and a trip to the gym. Not sure when ill fit that in buut I’ll try to make it work!

Life: more positivity is always a good thing. I need to overhaul my wardrobe and find clothes that are suitable for summer, and maybe it’s time to let go of some of the items I’ve been hanging onto…

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Weigh in

    • Hey,
      I’ve had a look and started following you – sign up to & claim your blog on it, it makes it really easy to follow blogs you like from all platforms rather than having to follow across different blogging sites! and the app is good too. where do you buy your protein from?
      Becky 🙂

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