Race For Life Training Week #6

Hi, my name is Becky and I’ve been running for 6 weeks. How has that even happened? I’ve never stuck to an exercise routine for this long before. Ever. Except for PE at school but I’m not sure that counts. I think having a specific event to train for is what has given me the motivation to stick with this and see it through to the bitter end! With this determination, I give you this weeks runs…

Run #13: week 5.1 of C25K – this week is a little different, each run has a different structure. The first one is 5 mimutes running, 3 minutes walking x 3. Sisterbell accompanied me again on this one, and I felt like we were a little more on even footing. Just a little. I did have to stop half way through the second 5 min run, but only to stretch out my ankles. They were sore and stiff. My stop only cost me 30 seconds or so, and I completed all of the rest of it despite having a god awful stitch throughout the last run. The next run is 8 mins running…I’m both looking forward to it and dreading it all at the same time…

Run #14: week 5.2 of C25K – this run was 8 mins running, 5 mins walking x 2. I was dreading this a little, and I think I was right to as I was not able to run for a full 8 mins. I only took very short breaks, but ut was hard work. It was a good feeling that there was only 2 runs, which helped me to carry on. I was feeling good afterwars, and opted to move onto the next run rather than repeat it.

Run #15: week 5.3 of C25K – 20 minutes of running. I’m sorry what? Thats quite a big jump. I gave it a shot anyway, and it was awful. I couldnt do it. My ankles were killing me, I was frustrated that o couldnt do it-especially as there is only 2.5 weeks until my race for life. I ended up sobbing a bit. Sob-running is never attractive. Ever. I’m going to repeat week 5.2 and 5.3…

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