Wednesday Weigh In

Good morning to all!
Lets not beat around the bush.

Last week: 231.5 pounds
Today: 230.5 pounds
Loss of 1 pound! Yazoo!

Finally. Next week im desperate to break back into the 220’s, and to stay below 230 the week after. I must admit I was a little surprised to lose anything this week as I had a bit of a big food weekend in celebration of Hux’s birthday… But I’m not going to complain too much! I got good food, and lost weight. Winwin in my eyes. Though I probably need to be really good with my food this week to make sure that pesky pound doesnt slip back on…

So, the plan-

Food: eat well, dont cheat and snack on bad foods at work. One upside of having no money at the moment is that I cant afford to go and buy unhealthy food!

Exercise: I am feeling some major guilt over not running yesterday. To be fair it was peeing it down with rain and I got back late because my driving lesson was longer this week… But still, I’m not going to fit in many runs this week unless I run Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Maybe that’s what I should do.

Life: positivity is important. I’m really negative about myself and it shows. Still yet to go through my wardrobe and find summer clothes….

Next week: shed another pound to get below 230!

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