Weigh In Wednesday

Morning one and all.  It’s been a beautiful weekend, filled with good food and good company over on the emerald shore. AKA Ireland. With that in mind, I was pleasantly suprised with my weigh in.

Last week: 231 pounds
This week: 230 pounds

Goal for next week: 229 pounds

Lets keep fingers crossed for going under the 230 barrier next week!

This week I’ve done well on the food front. Over the weekend it was difficult as I was away, so I’m hoping this wont catch up with me next week. This week I’m still trying to incorporate fruit and veg into my diet to ensure I stay fuller for longer and snack less. my teeth have been kiling me over the weekend-pesky wisdom teeth are coming through-and after having lots of sugary things and realising it made my teeth feel worse, I’ve curbed my sweettooth for the moment. We’ll see how long that lasts.

I was intending to do a 5k with my gym this weekend, but I havent been running since my last 5k in the middle of the month. My intention was to go for a run yesterday, but I’ve fallen prey to the office flu bug-which stopped that plan in its tracks. Still need to get into a regular routine of running and gym, but I’m worried about wearing myself out and making this flu worse. This may have to wait until I’m recovered to be put into practice.

Feeling busy as always, trying to juggle work and personal life. It’s still really important for me to try to take some time to relax and unwind each day. I also desperately need to tidy and organise my bedroom. Such a mess at the moment!


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