Mini workout

I did an at home version of my workout that was scheduled for today. Here’s what I did:

1 x 8 5kg
1 x 8 10kg
1 x 8 15kg

Barbell row
2 x 8 15kg

Bicep curl
1 x 10 5kg each arm

Not as inyense as a gym workout woukd have been, but I’m still smarting fron the pulled muscles on Monday!

Weigh in Wednesday

Morning morning!

Last week: 229 pounds
Today: 230 pounds
Next week: 228 pounds

Sooo annoying! Mon and tues I was staying steady at 229, then this morning I jump up a pound! Urg. Too much bread yesterday perhaps.

Had loads going on over the weekend and ended up going to 2 bbqs, and eating out fri/mon. Probably why I haven’t lost anything. Self control is vital this week if I want to see some loss for next week.

I finally got around to making an exercise schedule. It started on Monday but due to hovercraft driving I’ve been slightly incapacitated…I’m hoping that by tomorrow my aches will have eased enough to get some exercise in.

Coming up:
Info on the BFF September Challenge

An Unintentional Workout…

For my Dad’s Father’s Day present, we all clubbed together and got him a Hovercraft Driving Experience – which myself and my 2 siblings would also be partaking in. This was booked for yesterday.

I could wax lyrical about how fun it was, and exhilarating, etcetera, etcetera. What I really want to talk about is how unexpectedly physical it was. I woke up this morning with some phenomenal aches and pains!

To drive the craft, you are on your knees. To steer, you have handlebars (like on a bicycle) – but you also need to put your weight to the side you are steering towards – turn right, lean right. This was much more difficult that it sounds; basically the weight trasfer helps to swing the craft around, it’s all about getting the right balance and leaning at the right time! I ended up pulling and pushing on the handlebars to help with getting enough motion to swing around the ends of the oval course. I also felt a lot of strain when I went off the course, and had to shimmy the craft over the uneven ground until it was able to go easily again! No wonder I ache. At the time though, I was much more focused on how fun it was.

And indeed it was fun. Even Mum joined in! Once you get a little more used to driving it, it’s amazing to whiz around the course over grass and water without a break in stride! As a matter of fact, I felt that the craft went smoother and faster over the water – I assume this is because it’s a flatter surface – no pesky grass in the way!

Achey parts:

  • Knees – from kneeling on them!
  • Thighs
  • shoulders
  • forearms
  • back
  • hands

Despite all of that, I highly recommend going if you get a chance to!

Even the Best Laid Plans…

…can go to waste.


I was meant to go to the gym today- as I said earlier in my weigh in post this morning. But, true to form, I didnt. Although, I did go on a run. Here’s how it went:

5 min warm up walk

1 min run

walk break

1.5 min run

walk break

1 min run

walk break

1 min run

20 mins total

Distance: 2km


Pretty much an awful run. Literally felt like I couldn’t manage anything. My ankles were hurting, my breathing was all crappy and I had no motivation whatsoever. I am glad I went out though, I feel like that was the hardest step, to get back out there and run. Next time will be better.

In other news, I finally made a training schedule – just need to print it and pin it up. I have stuff scheduled for 5 days, and 2 rest days spread out during the week.

My theory is that if I can stick to this, I’ll be well on my way to suceeding in the BFF challenge. Alongside eating well. 


Weigh in Wednesday

Good morning, it’s that time of the week again!

Here we go:

Last week: 227 pounds
This week: 229 pounds
2 pound gain
Total loss: 5 pounds
Next week: 227 pounds

Damn water retention. I’m really bloated today, so it’s likely that those 2 pounds will drop off again providing I drink looaads of water.

Ate quite a lot at the weekend, but it was mostly healthy stuff that we pre-packed for a day out. I think I did quite well considering. More wholesome foods please!

I haven’t been for a run yet, but I will! I’m gyming this evening, and want to make a schedule for me to stick to.

This section should really be called sleep, I mention my lack of it every week!

Pip and I have decided to challenge each other. My challenge is to loose 7 pounds by our September meet-up. I challenged her to hit a body fat percentage goal.
My target: 220 pounds
Pips target: 21% bf

Terms of the challenge are undecided as of yet, but I’m sure we’ll hammer out the details soon!

Weigh in Wednesday

It’s here! The post you all wait for with bated breath. I’m joking!

Today I’m going to do a round up of my progress so far as well as my usual weigh in. It was pointed out to me recently that my posts make it seem as if I’m not making any progress…sooo I’m going to lay it all out as well as reestablish my goals.

Weigh in
Last week: 231 pounds (water weight! )
This week: 227 pounds
Next week: 226 pounds

Highest weight: 234 pounds – recorded just after Ben Nevis
Progress: – 7 pounds

This may not seem a lot for the amount of time, but it’s definitely an improvement on dancing around the same few pounds all the time.

At the beginning of the year I set a new years resolution to lose 2 stone (28 pounds) by July. Obviously, that hasn’t happened. I’m now aiming to loose a minimum of 28 pounds by the end of the year. So far, I’ve lost 7 pounds of that, leaving 21 pounds to go. This is achievable!

End of year goal: 206 pounds
Summer 2015 goal: 178 pounds – a further 28 pounds

Ultimate Goal: 130 pounds
This may change when I get there, depending on what I feel healthiest at and whether I feel like I need to loose more.

This week’s updates
I’ve been pretty good this week. The only bad day was yesterday, when I was given a box of chocolates from my colleagues for passing my driving test. Oops. I regret nothing, and I shared! This week I need to keep up with the good foods, and throw some more fruit and veg into the mix.

After the success of Pretty Muddy at the weekend, I need to make sure I jump back into running this week-otherwise I’ll loose all momentum! I’ve also been considering taking part in a 6 week power lifting course at my gym. Not because I want to bulk up, but because lifting trims you down quicker than cardio alone. And who doesn’t want to be able to lift heavy things?

Positive. Feeling good. I passed my driving test yesterday which I think will up my mood for at least a week! I also managed to get a long sleep in at the weekend, though I’m still tired and behind on sleep at the moment. Work is busy, as always. I’m looking forward to the weekend, have a busy one planned!

Hope everyone has a good Wednesday!

Race For Life: Pretty Muddy 2014

I completed Pretty Muddy today! woooooooo 

It was fun! The three of us were all really nervous before it started, we got running and that just fell away. There were nine obstacles in total, I dont have pics for all of them unfortunately, but I can sure as hell tell you about them! (if Ican remember them all!)

Obstacle 1: Hurdles

Not traditional hurdles, huge inflated pink rolls which we had to clamber over!

Obstacle 2: Pink Tyre run

This was exactly what it sounds like, some tyres laid on the floor, which you have to run through. like you would imagine for army training. except the tyres had been painted pink.

Obstacle 3: Tunnels

Some large tubes laid down which we had to crawl through! decidedly less muddy than we thought…

Obstacle 4: Army Crawl nets

blue tarp on the floor, red net above, crawl under in an army crawl. Not going to lie, I didnt army crawl. I crawled on my forearms! Still not muddy…

Obstacle 5: Mud Pools

Finally, some mud! We had to climb over a hurdle, (not inflated this time – just some scaffolding covered in fabric signs!) and land in a paddling pool full of muddy water!

Obstacle 6: Over and Under (spider web)

Rope strung across at different heights and angles, so that you have to work your way through it by going under and over. Felt kind of like a spy avoiding laserbeams. Except I could touch them and move them out of the way.

Obstacle 7: The A Frame

This old classic. Cargo net up one side, go over the top, and corgo net down the other side. These things always mess with my head a bit, and I end up feeling very unsteady on the top. we were stuck queing for this one for a bit as a poor lady was quite distressed with trying to get over it. she did it eventually, and we all cheered and clapped.

Obstacle 8: Mud. Just Mud.

We had to climb into a big inflated pool with rope strung across the top, and go under the rope while being splashed with muddy water. At this point our supporters were all around, and had mentioned to the stewards that we loved mud. As a result, we were splashed quite a lot…

Obstacle 9: Slip and Slide

The last obstacle. An inflated slide. We climbed up the cargo net on one side, swung our legs over and slid down holding hands into some mud. wooooo

Then we had a short sprint to the finish!

Total Time: 66 Minutes

Approx. Time (with stops at obstacles taken out): 56 Minutes

We did SO well. I definitely help the other two up a bit, buuut, I think they were OK with it…

My JustGiving page is still open, so If you do get the chance, please do try to give a little something towards the fight against cancer.

Hurdles! I'm second in on the right...

Hurdles! I’m second in on the right…

We all got DRENCHED in the mud pools

We all got DRENCHED in the mud pools




Me After


There are some more pics floating around on other devices – I’ll post any good ones!