Weigh in Wednesday

Another Wednesday, another weigh in.

Last week: 230 pounds
This week: 230 pounds

No change…

Next week: 229 pounds

I want to break past the 230 mark!! Quite anoying as it doesnt seem to be happening. I’ll need to make sure I’m really careful with what I’m eating to make sure I go under 230. Exercise will also help for this, but you know what they say-80% of your body is down to diet.

Food: still need to learn to discipline myself at work when it comes to the office biscuits and popping to tesco at lunchtime. If I can avoid over indulging I’ll stand a much better chance at losing weight.

Exercise: desperately need to get back out there running. I’ve been finding it difficult the past week because I have a cold which-when over exerted-affects my chest. I’m going to try for a small run this week, see how it holds up, and go from there. Getting anxious about my lack of running with Pretty Muddy coming up.

Life: work is busy, I do feel as though it dominates my whole life. I spend 5 out of 7 days there, I spend 4 hours a day commuting, have no time during the week for anything else, and am spending half my paycheck on travel costs to get there. It kind of sucks. Outside of work, things are good, but I don’t feel balanced with work. Feeling like this may lead me to overeating as an escape from work. That sounds kind of stupid, but there we go.

Happy Wednesday!


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