Pretty Muddy: Training Post

Good evening to all! 

Just a quick one from me to let all of your eager eyeballs know that I went on a run this evening. The first run since my 5k last month…

I decided to run without the couch to 5k programme, and instead listened to my 101 Running Songs album. I decided to do this because I wanted to gauge where my fitness was at after having such a long break. And also because it was raining and I wanted to do a shorter run.

Run Stats (these are all approximate):
6 min brisk walk warm up
2.5-3 mins run-quick pace at beginning then tapered off to a steadier pace
5 mins walking
3 mins run
5 mins warm down

22 mins total

All in all a pretty ok run. I’m proud of myself for actually going out in the rain to do it!

One thought on “Pretty Muddy: Training Post

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