August: Challenges

Hello to all!

I have mentioned previously that Pip and I have challenged each other. We’re a week in and I haven’t explained it at all yet! I figured it would be best to wait until today – August 1st – and pop it all in one post with the August challenge I’m taking on.

BFF September Challenge

Duration: 6 weeks (from 28.07.14)
My challenge: lose 7 pounds (220 pound goal)
Pip’s challenge: hit 21% bodyfat

Reward: food treat-some form of giant dessert
Give up a favorite food for a month
Perform a hated exercise until failure
-Pip: Kettlebell swings
-Me: tricep dips

Wooo lets do this!

August challenge

This month I am also taking on a 30 day challenge. I have done the squat challenge before, but I wanted to push myself into doing more with my upper body. This challenge combines four 30 day challenges – squats, push ups, plank, and abs. I may die inside doing this, but I plan to stick with it!

Here’s what I’m following:


Do it with me! We can link up!

Here’s to a happier, healthier August!

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