Weigh In Not-Wednesday

I didn’t weigh in yesterday because I was away from my scales. I know I must have put on weight because I’ve done nothing but eat recently. Urrrg.

I found my old scales, and weighed myself on them. They are DEFINITELY incorrect. Told me I was almost a stone heavier. Erm, I doubt I put that on in a week. Bloody things.

Currently ill, cold, stuffy head, sensitive stomach etc, so I’m alternately craving foods, and feeling nauseous. Have eaten quite healthily today, which is good. I need to keep this up and ensure I don’t get tempted while at work. Especially by magical words like ‘Nandos’ which may or may not have happened this week…So bad. I cant help it, I just loves me some food.I want to exercise today, but I feel so naff, that it would probably be a bad idea. I would rather get better first…But maybe I’ll do the 30 day challenge. I haven’t missed a single day so far! It would be such a shame to start missing days now.



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