BFF Challenge Update

September BFF Challenge Banner


The official End date for our challenge is 1st September. Just over three weeks from now.

Quite worried on my part, I really don’t want to do those tricep dips…the only way I can pull this back is to deny EVERYTHING bad. Stay well with my calorie limit per day, and stick with my workout schedule.

I need for this to work, I’ve tried lots of things to motivate myself, this has to be the thing that works. Healthy competition with pre-established goals. We all know how awful I am at self-motivating for more than an hour…

Okay so, the plan is to eat right. Stick within the calories, avoid trigger foods – biscuits in particular – and exercise. No matter how tired I am after work.

Gym at least twice per week

Run at least twice per week

Stop eating CRAP

I’m pretty sure Pip will complete her challenge. She’s much better at this than I am! I feel confident she will achieve it because she is so good at focusing herself and pushing for her goals.

My goal is still 220 pounds, originally this was a loss of 7 pounds, but as usual I put weight back on again. So now it is more a loss of 14 pounds. Well, maybe less, I am heavily bloated at the moment so it may be along the lines of 10 pounds or so. I will have to see where I stand next week. It’ll be down to Pip’s decision as to whether if I lose 7 pounds and am still over 220 still counts as completing the challenge. Personally, I don’t think it should.

 Feeling extremely negative at the moment. Reading this is probably not particularly fun buut, there we go. It’s how I’m feeling. Enjoy.

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