30 Day Challenge: Day 10 Update

30 day challenge As you may know, I am currently partaking in two challenges. This one is the 30 day challenge, which I started on the 1st August.

It is now day 10, and definitely time for an update.

Progress so far:


I’m not having too much trouble with these at the moment. I have pretty good strength in my legs, and I’ve done a 30 day squat challenge before. I’m quite certain that later in the challenge I will begin to find this more difficult.

Push Ups

I suck at push ups. Initially  I was doing the full push up, but I kep feeling pain in my lower stomach when doing this, and I wasn’t able to get all the way down and back up again. I have since switched to doing push ups from my knees, which has improved my form and eradicated the pain I was feeling. starting to really struggle with these, 15 was almost too much!


Oh god the plank.  Another which I am really not very good at. Back in my school days we did Aerobics classes for PE, and we were doing planks every time. I thought I wouldn’t struggle with this as much as I have been; clearly the little strength I developed back then has long departed. These have been difficult. I haven’t been able to hold it for the full amount of time on all of them, so have had to split it up, and do the full time overall. Having said that I’m awful at these, I am definitely seeing improvement – I could barely do 20 seconds to start, and today I managed the full minite in one go. Yay!


I’m pretty good with these. I used to do quite a lot through school and college so I tend not to struggle with these very much. Now I’m heading towards a higher amount of reps I am feeling the burn more and more however. This will only get harder from here on out!

Overall, I feel that I’m doing pretty good with this. I haven’t missed a day, and am keeping up with it. Woooooo

Lets hope I keep it up for the remaining 20 days…



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