Weigh in Wednesday

Morning! Another week has flown by. After a weekend full of cheesecake, birthday cake and treats it’s unsurprising that I’ve put on! But not much.

Last week: 229 pounds
This week: 230 pounds
Goal for next week: 227 pounds

Still aiming for under the 224 mark, and I need 220 to complete the BFF Challenge. At this point it’s unlikely to happen, but you never know. It could. Maybe.

Food: Had lots of treats over the weekend, though I didn’t think I was as bad as other weekends but there we go. This week so far I’ve been good with sticking to my calorie limit, but I need to keep this up for the next week and a half – including over the weekends!

Exercise: started the week out well with a run and my 30 day challenges, want to keep it up for the rest of the week!

Sleep: haven’t been sleeping enough, which has an affect on everything food and exercise related. Boo hiss. When I’m tired all I crave is sugar!

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