I’ve been trying to get back into running again recently. This week I only went for 1 run – on Monday – and a very short run today (Sunday). Todays run was literally 1 kilometer, as it was late and I was exhausted. To be fair, I had done over 14,000 steps today as well after going on a walk along the riverside. The run didnt go particularly well, I’m feeling very disheartened and grumpy about running at the moment. I managed approx. 3 mins of continuous running, and I probably could have pushed myself to go around the block again for a 2k run – but I didnt because I had no motivation to.

Run breakdown:

3 mins running

full stop as HRM stopped working – had to re-jig.

2 mins running

5 mins walk


Not terrible I suppose but I feel like I should have done more. Ah well.

I’m going to start to run more regurlarly, there may be an event or challenge featuring running in the future, but that depends on whether I can get back into it. A big part of me really wants to.


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