Scheduling Exercise & Milestone Goals

Yesterday I had planned on going for a run. I kept leaving it because I wanted to make sure my food had gone down before going. No-one wants a vommy run. I left it too late and didn’t end up running. I was doing some organizing, and eventually decided to make a daily schedule. Of my life. As Mandrew eloquently put it, ‘instead of going running, you made a schedule about going running’…Yes. Yes I did. I regret nothing. I enjoy making plans and creating visual things I can stick up onto my wall. My schedule is colour coded by activity. 

It goes a little something like this:

5am – Wake up

5:15 – Run

6:00 – Breakfast

6:45 – Leave for work

8:30 – Work

12:30 – Lunch

13:00 – Walk

13:30 – Work

17:30 – Commuting home

19:30 – Dinner

22:00 – Bedtime

This is more or less every weekday, with a couple of changes – for example Zumba on a Thursday at 7:30.

Exciting stuff. I want to think I will stick to it, I am going to try to. Some days it will have to be a little flexible based on what else is going on, but for the majority of the week this should be more or less the same.


What I also did – Inspired by Obese: A Year To Save My Life, which I may be a bit obsessed with at the moment – was make a 3 month, 6 month, 9 month and 1 year goal chart, for my one I chose to split this into lose 10% of original weight per 3 months. Here are my goals:

Start Weight: 228 Pounds

21.12.14 – 3 months: 205 Pounds

21.03.15 – 6 months: 182 Pounds

19.06.14 – 9 months: 159 Pounds

22.09.14 – 1 Year: 136 pounds

I’m scheduling these into my calendar so I remember to do the weigh ins for it! Exciting stuff. I will still be doing my weekly weigh ins, and taking monthly measurements as always, so you’ll still be hearing from me on a regular basis!

Weigh in Wednesday

Umm… so this happened:

Last week: 228 pounds
Today: 225 pounds

Umm how??
I mean…I know I was vommy-mcvomitus at the weekend but…kind of expected that to just jump straight back on board!? And I had mcdonalds yesterday. Does having no biscuits this week counteract that? Unsure.

As mentioned above, no biscuits this week so far. But McDonalds happened also. Soo…not awesome. I’ve been snacking less at work-this could be a stress related thing-but if it means I’m eating better then hey ho.

Due to being incapacitated at the weekend, I didnt run. I planned to run on Monday or Tuesday, but I worked late, missed my bus and had to get a different bus which involved walking for a mile with a really steep hill once I got off. So I think I can be forgiven for not running…
I signed up to my gyms Zumba class, I’m a bit unsure on it but we’ll see how it goes…
On an exercise related tangent, if you’ve been paying attention you may have noticed that Pip and I did not post about our forfeit for failing our BFF Challenge. Guess what, we didn’t do it. So this needs to happen at some point, though the next time I see Pip she will be running a half marathon – so perhaps not then either! This will happen, so I’ll let you know what’s what when I know.

Still cant beleive I lost 3 pounds from last week. Crazy talk! At the moment I am the lightest weight I’ve been this year. I think.

I’d love to lose another 2 pounds for next week and get under the 16 stone (224 pounds) mark, but I’m worried that this is a fluke and it will shoot back up again for next week…well, lets aim high (or rather, low)

Goals for next week
Weight: 223 pounds
Food: keep avoiding biscuits and bad snack foods
Exercise: keep up with running and start Zumba

Wednesday running

Morning – I am aware it’s Thursday today, my run took place on a Wednesday 😉

Last night I dragged myself out for a run, I had to talk myself into it as I was on the verge of giving up because I am feeling really ill. I’m glad I did, because it was probably one of my best runs.

I did 0.78 miles in 10mins

Run Breakdown
1:15m warm up walk
8:45m run

That’s a solid amount of running. I think it’s the longest period of time I’ve ever run continuously for! I do feel a little bit annoyed because I know I could have carried on for a bit longer. But I was passing my house and dinner was calling to me… Plus being ill and tired was too much of a burden to carry on with. I’m still pleased with how it went despite that, and I have a 1 mile run planned for the weekend so I can make up for it then.

This run compared to Monday’s – I conciously kept my speed down which helped my endurance on this run, whereas last time I was taking bigger steps and pushed myself too much.

It looks like at the moment I am running at approximately a 12.5-13 minute mile. I’m expecting Saturdays run to take 15 mins or so.

Weigh in Wednesday

Morning folks.

It’s a brisk autumn morning and time for another weigh in Wednesday.

Last week: 228 pounds
Today: 228 pounds
Goal for next week: 226 pounds

Maintaining is okay. I was expecting a gain, so I’m happy with this week. I’ve been weighing myself a few mornings in a row and instead of the usual yoyo dance, I’ve stayed the same give or take half a pound-An interesting development.

I’m actively avoiding bad foods and my trigger foods-like biscuits. I haven’t been perfect on this front, as a muffin yesterday would tell you, but I’m trying harder. I want to up the amount of veg I eat as I definitely don’t eat enough.
Goal for next week: eat more veg

As you may know, I went for a run on Monday which was the beginning of my training plan to up my distance. I am aiming for another run tonight, then a longer run on Saturday. I’d like to throw some gym sessions into my routine too, but for this week I think I’m going to focus on the running, then incorporate gym next week.
Goal for next week: run for 1 mile

226 pounds
Eat more veg
Run for 1 mile


I went for a run today! My neck feels fine and I decided to not let it stop me from training any longer. I made the beginnings of a training plan, the basis of it is to up my distance each week. I’d like to be able to run the whole distances, but that will come with time and continuity. And pushing myself to.

Today I did 0.75 miles in approx 10 mins.
1 min warmup walk
5.5 min run
2.5 min walk
1 min walk

For the next one I would like to run for more of the distance, but I was quite pleased with what I did.

By the end of the month I’ll be running 2 miles …and hopefully actually running for the whole time!

Next run: Wednesday – 0.75 miles

BFF Challenge

September BFF Challenge Banner

The BFF challenge offically ended on 01.09.14

Bad news, both Pip and I didn’t hit our goals! #Sadface

So we will – unfortunately – have to do our forfeits. Booo! We have this scheduled for this weekend – so I’ll write up an update on this once it has occurred! Just to refresh your memories – my forfeit is to do tricep dips (HORROR) and Pips is kettlebell swings. I am not looking forward to this…


This is how I feel about it. Also, I do love Jenna’s Face.

Weigh In Wednesday

It’s Wednesday again, people! The first weds of September. Summer is officially over, and we are in the countdown to Christmas now.

Weigh in

Last week: 229 pounds
Today: 228 pounds
Goal for next week: 227 pounds

A loss of 1 pound, yaay. Any movement downwards is good, even if I didnt hit the goal I set last week.

Last week-while I was off due to straining my neck-I didn’t eat very much atall. I was at home not doing much other than watching tv and doing some work from home, and I had no desire to snack. I ate at meal times, and that was about it. I actually under-ate for most of that week. Once my neck was feeling a bit better and I went back to work, it was snack central all over again. There’s something about being at work that makes me crave snacks all the time.
This week I haven’t been as good, but I am trying. Only bad things I’ve eaten are a couple of biscuits each day. I know I need to cut them out of my life but they’re so damn tasty…I need to teach myself some avoidance techniques. Or just have some will power…
Goal: No more biscuits this week

Well this went out of the window when I hurt my neck. Very annoying! I’ve been wanting to go for a run, which is a bit odd as I don’t usually crave a run. I suppose it’s probably because I am unable to do it, therefore I want to.
The 30 day challenge is also on hold, I missed a few days, then hurt my neck and here we are 15 days later. I want to continue it, and plan to once I am able to without writhing in pain.
Goal: ease back into exercise-find things that don’t hurt neck.

I need more. Last week I got a lot of sleep and I felt much better for it. I’m aiming to increase how long I sleep during the week as that is where I tend to lose out.
Goal: go to bed before 11pm

Happy Wednesday…