Weigh in Wednesday

Morning folks.

It’s a brisk autumn morning and time for another weigh in Wednesday.

Last week: 228 pounds
Today: 228 pounds
Goal for next week: 226 pounds

Maintaining is okay. I was expecting a gain, so I’m happy with this week. I’ve been weighing myself a few mornings in a row and instead of the usual yoyo dance, I’ve stayed the same give or take half a pound-An interesting development.

I’m actively avoiding bad foods and my trigger foods-like biscuits. I haven’t been perfect on this front, as a muffin yesterday would tell you, but I’m trying harder. I want to up the amount of veg I eat as I definitely don’t eat enough.
Goal for next week: eat more veg

As you may know, I went for a run on Monday which was the beginning of my training plan to up my distance. I am aiming for another run tonight, then a longer run on Saturday. I’d like to throw some gym sessions into my routine too, but for this week I think I’m going to focus on the running, then incorporate gym next week.
Goal for next week: run for 1 mile

226 pounds
Eat more veg
Run for 1 mile

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