Weigh in Wednesday

Morning one and all. Another Wednesday, the last Wednesday of October!

Last Week: 225 Pounds

Today: 225 pounds

I didn’t hit the weight goal I set last week – 223 pounds – but at the moment I’m just feeling lucky that I didn’t put on weight! I’ve eaten really badly the past couple of days, so I’m grateful that hasn’t shown in my weight. Though it will probably appear in time for next week…My theory is, if I get enough exercise in to combat the extra cals I’ve consumed it should even out.



As I mentioned above, I’ve eaten unhealthily the past couple of days. I need to restrict myself this week to counteract that. I need to up my water intake again, It’s dropped far below what it should be and has been previously.


As above, I’m attempting to overcompensate on the exercise front. which means walking every lunch break, running, and gym. If I can fit it in!


I’ve had a couple of days off to house-sit while the parentals are on holiday, and I’ve been getting a decent amount of sleep! I feel much better for it.


Goals for Next Week:

Weight: 224 pounds (if I can manage it – though I would also be okay with maintaining at 225)

Food: Eat within my calorie limit all week

Exercise: Burn off the overeating this week – 2500 Calories to be obliterated

Sleep: Get early nights as much as possible this week – aim for 4 out of 7!

Hope everyone has a good week!

Weigh in Wednesday

It’s that time of the week again! October is flying by isn’t it?!

Last week: 223 pounds
Today: 225 pounds
Gain of 2 pounds – back over the 16 stone mark again.

Well, I feel like I want to say it was bound to happen, but that sounds really defeatist. I was ill before last weeks weigh in, and now that I’m feeling a bit better I’ve eaten more. Simple. I need to get back on top of how much, and what, I’m eating to get this under control.

I had a load of food on Saturday (texmex night at a friends house was both lethal and delicious) sunday I was really good, Monday I was really good, then yesterday I wasn’t. I dont know why. Just was a slightly naughty day – though I am proud of myself for not getting McDonalds when I was waiting for my delayed train while super hungry. So it could have been worse had I not shown some restraint.

I went to the gym on Sunday, I did a combo of cardio and strength resistance. It was a short session because I only had an hour on my parking, so I made the 40 mins in the gym worth it. In my last post I wrote about joining a running group – this has made me feel more motivated to keep going and run with them. I want to stick with this! Next run is tomorrow…

I need more! Am going to attempt an early night tonight, hopefully it will happen…

Goals for next week
Weight: 223 pounds
Food: get it back under control, and aim for majority of days to be within calorie amts
Exercise: Attend Thursday Medway Runners session, gym at the weekend, and Monday MR session
Sleep: get more!

Happy Wednesday!

So…I Joined a Running Group

Last night I turned up for my first session with the Medway Runners. I went there straight from work, and when I left work I was a bundle of nerves and shaking hands. Meeting new people is scary!

I turned up at the meeting point and immediatly spotted the group in their lime green team colours. There was about twenty of them! I sucked up my courage and marched myself over and introduced myself. It helped that I had been active on the facebook group and had spoken to a couple of people through that, so when some people told me their names I had a vague idea of who they were. The beginners group (my group) were discussing the distance we were going to be doing – 2 miles along a mostly flat road. Though this soon changed to doing 5k (3 miles) much to the groups horror.

We set off along the route, and after some discussion it was decided we would do 4k instead of 5k (Yaay). The longer distance runners turned off to do a longer route after 1 mile, and the beginners group continued on the 4k route. On we went.

I pushed myself in the first running stint, and had to walk at 0.8km. I didn’t mind too much because I wasn’t the only one run/walking.

I found running with people helped me to pace myself and push myself a bit more. Though I do also think that I could have pushed myself to run for longer on the way back to the meeting point – I was middle of the pack on this run and ended up alone between the front runners and the rest of the group which is where I think I didn’t do as well. A bit of a revelation after running on and off on my own for 2 years!

Getting back to the meeting point felt great. I was buzzing from the run and everyone had made me feel really welcome.

I also tried out a new app on this run – Strava. It’s a free app and it does my splits! I was surprised at how quickly I did each kilometer, but I’m looking forward to shaving time off them!


Total Distance: 3.9km / 2.49 miles
Total Time: 39:45
Moving Time: 35:29
Average Speed: 9:04/km

Next group run is on Thursday, I think I’ll definitely be going back!

Weigh In Wednesday

Okay, okay, so I missed a week again. Sorry!

Last Week: 230 pounds
I bounced right up last week, thank you water retention…
Gained 3 pounds

Today: 223 pounds


I’ll just let that sink in.

7 pounds in a week. Granted a lot of that was water retention draining away, but I’ve been within my calorie limit for the past 4 days which has helped immensely.

I am now just under the 16 stone mark again. Finally! Hello 15!

Like I said above, I’ve been eating better and low in calories. Clearly that made a big difference!

I’ve been really sedentary over the weekend due to having the cold from hell. Luckily my eating has been mostly under control.

I slept for decent ampunts of time over the weekend and monday, which I think has contributed.

Goals for next week

Weight: 222 pounds

Food: Keep it within my calorie limit to have a big enough deficit

Exercise: do some! 

Sleep: go to bed earlier during the week

A walk in the park…

Yesterday I went on a hack with my BFF. By that I mean she was hacking, and I was walking behind trying to keep up.

FYI-Hacking is when you are out on a horse – in this case a pony – going around places. Usually countryside.

We were out for about an hour, so I think we probably did about 3 miles – maybe a bit more as we were going at a faster pace that average walking.

I distinctly remember Pip saying to me something along then lines of ‘I think it will be quite dry on the off road bit, it was when I went down there last time.’ Of course when we got to it, it’s a dirt track used by farmers (I assume) to access their fields. Bearing in mind it had been raining all day, it was extremely boggy. And I wasn’t exactly wearing the correct shoes for it! Thank you for that Pippin… 😉

It was fun trying to avoid falling on my ass while also trying to keep up with Biff’s magnificent behind. I did a little bit of jogging occasionally just to catch up so I could walk alongside the dynamic duo and chat to them.

So that was my exercise for Saturday, today I’m off to watch Pip and Max do their half marathon!

Weigh in Wednesday

Good morning all.

I missed last weeks weigh in-to be fair I was up at 4.45 and out of the house by 5.15 for a company fun day. So I didnt have much time for blogging. I did weigh myself though…

Last week: 229 pounds
+4 pounds from the week before
Today: 227 pounds
-2 from last week
Goal for next week: 226 pounds
Pounds from goal 1: 22 pounds

I haven’t been great with food, stress eating has been happening. On the plus side I avoided buying any junk food at the train station on the way to and from work. I need to work on controlling impulsive eating and if stress eating is unavoidable then have healthier snacks to hand.

Zumba was cancelled the last two weeks so I haven’t been able to go to that just yet. I’m holding out hope for it still being on tomorrow…

In regards to the schedule I posted about, I have tried getting up early to run but I’ve been so exhausted that I havent made it out of the door yet. I need to go to bed earlier and try this again.

Last week I did a huge amount of walking. Over the weekend not so much, but I think I made up for it beforehand.

Goals for next week
Weight: 226 pounds
Food: find healthier snack options and avoid fast food
Exercise: get to bed earlier so I can cope with early morning running