Weigh in Wednesday

Good morning all.

I missed last weeks weigh in-to be fair I was up at 4.45 and out of the house by 5.15 for a company fun day. So I didnt have much time for blogging. I did weigh myself though…

Last week: 229 pounds
+4 pounds from the week before
Today: 227 pounds
-2 from last week
Goal for next week: 226 pounds
Pounds from goal 1: 22 pounds

I haven’t been great with food, stress eating has been happening. On the plus side I avoided buying any junk food at the train station on the way to and from work. I need to work on controlling impulsive eating and if stress eating is unavoidable then have healthier snacks to hand.

Zumba was cancelled the last two weeks so I haven’t been able to go to that just yet. I’m holding out hope for it still being on tomorrow…

In regards to the schedule I posted about, I have tried getting up early to run but I’ve been so exhausted that I havent made it out of the door yet. I need to go to bed earlier and try this again.

Last week I did a huge amount of walking. Over the weekend not so much, but I think I made up for it beforehand.

Goals for next week
Weight: 226 pounds
Food: find healthier snack options and avoid fast food
Exercise: get to bed earlier so I can cope with early morning running

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