A walk in the park…

Yesterday I went on a hack with my BFF. By that I mean she was hacking, and I was walking behind trying to keep up.

FYI-Hacking is when you are out on a horse – in this case a pony – going around places. Usually countryside.

We were out for about an hour, so I think we probably did about 3 miles – maybe a bit more as we were going at a faster pace that average walking.

I distinctly remember Pip saying to me something along then lines of ‘I think it will be quite dry on the off road bit, it was when I went down there last time.’ Of course when we got to it, it’s a dirt track used by farmers (I assume) to access their fields. Bearing in mind it had been raining all day, it was extremely boggy. And I wasn’t exactly wearing the correct shoes for it! Thank you for that Pippin… 😉

It was fun trying to avoid falling on my ass while also trying to keep up with Biff’s magnificent behind. I did a little bit of jogging occasionally just to catch up so I could walk alongside the dynamic duo and chat to them.

So that was my exercise for Saturday, today I’m off to watch Pip and Max do their half marathon!


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