Weigh In Wednesday

Okay, okay, so I missed a week again. Sorry!

Last Week: 230 pounds
I bounced right up last week, thank you water retention…
Gained 3 pounds

Today: 223 pounds


I’ll just let that sink in.

7 pounds in a week. Granted a lot of that was water retention draining away, but I’ve been within my calorie limit for the past 4 days which has helped immensely.

I am now just under the 16 stone mark again. Finally! Hello 15!

Like I said above, I’ve been eating better and low in calories. Clearly that made a big difference!

I’ve been really sedentary over the weekend due to having the cold from hell. Luckily my eating has been mostly under control.

I slept for decent ampunts of time over the weekend and monday, which I think has contributed.

Goals for next week

Weight: 222 pounds

Food: Keep it within my calorie limit to have a big enough deficit

Exercise: do some! 

Sleep: go to bed earlier during the week

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