Weigh in Wednesday

It’s that time of the week again! October is flying by isn’t it?!

Last week: 223 pounds
Today: 225 pounds
Gain of 2 pounds – back over the 16 stone mark again.

Well, I feel like I want to say it was bound to happen, but that sounds really defeatist. I was ill before last weeks weigh in, and now that I’m feeling a bit better I’ve eaten more. Simple. I need to get back on top of how much, and what, I’m eating to get this under control.

I had a load of food on Saturday (texmex night at a friends house was both lethal and delicious) sunday I was really good, Monday I was really good, then yesterday I wasn’t. I dont know why. Just was a slightly naughty day – though I am proud of myself for not getting McDonalds when I was waiting for my delayed train while super hungry. So it could have been worse had I not shown some restraint.

I went to the gym on Sunday, I did a combo of cardio and strength resistance. It was a short session because I only had an hour on my parking, so I made the 40 mins in the gym worth it. In my last post I wrote about joining a running group – this has made me feel more motivated to keep going and run with them. I want to stick with this! Next run is tomorrow…

I need more! Am going to attempt an early night tonight, hopefully it will happen…

Goals for next week
Weight: 223 pounds
Food: get it back under control, and aim for majority of days to be within calorie amts
Exercise: Attend Thursday Medway Runners session, gym at the weekend, and Monday MR session
Sleep: get more!

Happy Wednesday!


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