Weigh in Wednesday

Morning one and all. Another Wednesday, the last Wednesday of October!

Last Week: 225 Pounds

Today: 225 pounds

I didn’t hit the weight goal I set last week – 223 pounds – but at the moment I’m just feeling lucky that I didn’t put on weight! I’ve eaten really badly the past couple of days, so I’m grateful that hasn’t shown in my weight. Though it will probably appear in time for next week…My theory is, if I get enough exercise in to combat the extra cals I’ve consumed it should even out.



As I mentioned above, I’ve eaten unhealthily the past couple of days. I need to restrict myself this week to counteract that. I need to up my water intake again, It’s dropped far below what it should be and has been previously.


As above, I’m attempting to overcompensate on the exercise front. which means walking every lunch break, running, and gym. If I can fit it in!


I’ve had a couple of days off to house-sit while the parentals are on holiday, and I’ve been getting a decent amount of sleep! I feel much better for it.


Goals for Next Week:

Weight: 224 pounds (if I can manage it – though I would also be okay with maintaining at 225)

Food: Eat within my calorie limit all week

Exercise: Burn off the overeating this week – 2500 Calories to be obliterated

Sleep: Get early nights as much as possible this week – aim for 4 out of 7!

Hope everyone has a good week!


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