Weigh in Wednesday

Morning one and all, would you believe it’s November already?? Where has the time gone??

It’s another Wednesday so here we go:

Last week: 225 pounds
Today: 224 pounds
1 pound loss and I hit the goal of 224 set last week! Yazoooo

If you remember, or for those who are new around here, I set some goals in 3 month intervals. The first one is 205 pounds by 21.12.14 – I am currently 19 pounds away from that. If I can lose 2-3 pounds a week this month (around 10 pounds by the end of the month) I’ll be in good standing to get at least somewhere near 205 in December. But it means really knuckling down.

Last weeks goal: Eat within my calorie limit 5 out of 7 days.

I didn’t do particularly well on this one, I managed 2 out of 7 days. Which is better than some weeks previously, but not where I need to be!

Over the weekend I was away for a friends birthday (HI MAXX HAPPY BIRTHDAY) and there was cake and nibbles…but I do think I was much more controlled than I would have been before, and made some healthy choices. Improvement in my eyes…

Last weeks goal: burn the extra 2500 calories I overate by last week.

Weeelll…this didnt happen, though I did keep track of it. I ate an additional 2500 calories this week, so I am still over my intake. But by 5000 calories this time…

Didn’t do so well on the exercise front this week, however I did do a huge amount of walking on Saturday and Sunday which helped to counteract the pizza and cake. I had fully intended to go running with my running group on Monday evening, but my car isn’t working at the moment and I was still exhausted from my busy weekend.

Last weeks goal: get 7-8 hours of sleep a night 4 nights out of 7

Didn’t do so well on this one either, got 2 nights of decent sleep out of 7…Clearly that needs to change!

Goals for next week
Weight: 222 pounds
Food: eat within my calorie limit 5 out of 7 days
Exercise: Burn 5000 calories. This may be a little unrealistic, but we’ll see how it goes.
Sleep: Get 4 out of 7 nights good sleep – 8 hours

Happy Wednesday!


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