Monday Runday

Happy Monday everyone.

Tonight was hard, I didn’t really want to do it, but I dragged myself out as I knew I hadn’t been in a week…There were 6 of us doing the 5k, two ladies (Ms. E and Ms. C) ran the whole way because they’re amazing, and the rest of us were just trying to survive the route. Ms. T was acting as our trainer, and she pushed and motivated us to keep running. I found this really helpful because I was feeling so unmotivated! I’m quite certain that I ran more of the 5k than I ever have before…Eeevverrrr.

Big thank you to Ms. T for pushing me through it.

Here’s the stats:

Distance: 5.6k

Total Time: 51:43

Moving Time: 49:56

Average Pace: 8:54/km


Strava Splits 24-11-14

I feel good after doing this, I feel like I achieved something! Though I’m quite certain that tomorrow morning I’ll be feeling the ache. Lots of protein tomorrow I think…

Had issues with my ankles again today, methinks I need better trainers. except I can’t really afford them…so I doubt that will be happening any time soon.


Goals for the next run

  • Stay motivated
  • warm up ankles
  • keep going

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