Weigh in (not) Wednesday

Morning all.

I know I’m a day late on this, but I wasnt at home yesterday morning and subsequently had no access to my scales. I did, however, weigh myself this morning. Lets just say I had a bad week and leave it at that shall we? I’m horrendously bloated and overfull at the moment so I need to deflate before I can get an accurate reading on my weight.

So, over to my progress reports!

Last weeks goal: Eat within my calorie limit 6 / 7 days
I managed: 3 / 7 days
Not great, and clearly that’s had an effect on my weight. I ate out a couple of times this week and made excuses for it. Not much more to say on this really!

Last weeks goal: Burn 6000 calories
I managed: to over eat at bring it up to 6950 calories, but also burned 720. 720 / 6950 calories overall.
Again, this is not great and is down to overeating again.

Last weeks goal: Get 8 hours sleep 4 out of 7 nights
I managed: 3 / 7 nights
I need to get into a habit of getting to bed that little bit earlier. I have such limited time in the evenings that everything gets pushed back and I end up going to bed late.

Goals For Next Week
Weight: 220 pounds
Food: Eat within calorie limit 5 / 7 days
Exercise: Burn 6000 calories
Sleep: Get 8 hours sleep 4 / 7 nights

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