Weigh in Wednesday

How exciting. I’ve been really feeling the Christmas spirit since we got into December! Only 22 days to go!

As for today, here’s my info:

Last Week: 224 Pounds
Today: 221 Pounds
21.12.14 Goal: 205 – 16 pounds to go

I only have 2.5 weeks until my December goal. I can’t see me hitting it in that time, but I will try to make some headway towards it – I would love to lose at least 14 pounds by the end of the year. But we’ll see how that goes.

Last weeks goal: Eat within my calorie limit 5 / 7 days
I did: 3 / 7 days
Not good enough, I’ve really slipped this week and need to get back on top of my eating. I’ve been hungrier than usual the past week, but I’m hoping that will settle back down this week.

Last weeks goal: Burn 6000 calories
I did: 200 calories, but overate by 3000 calories. 200 / 9000
I think this goal is getting unmanageable. I need to set more achievable goals instead of carrying on the count from week to week. So, for now, I’m writing off the calories and setting smaller goals that aren’t quite so daunting. Exercise is starting to get there, I’m doing cardio at least once a week now. Let’s keep up that habit!

Last weeks goal: Get 8 hours sleep 4 out of 7 nights
I did: 1 / 7 nights
That’s terrible… well, we all know I need to improve this.

Goals For Next Week
Weight: 219 Pounds
Food: Eat within my calorie limit 5 / 7 days
Exercise: Burn 500 extra calories
Sleep: Get 8 hours sleep 4 / 7 nights


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