Weigh in Wednesday

Morning one and all. It’s a week until Christmas and there is food all around. Oh the temptation…

Last week: 221 Pounds
Today: 220 pounds
21.12.14 Goal: 205 pounds – 15 pounds to go.

Clearly I’m going to miss out on my December goal. Theres no way to drop 15 pounds in 4 days without having some sort of major surgery…
On the plus side, I am back down to my lowest weight this year and I have some time left in 2014 to reach a new lowest weight.

Last weeks goal: Eat within my calorie limit 6 / 7 days
I did: 4 / 7 days
Not so great on the food front, I know I’m eating badly but I’m really struggling to eat well. This holiday season is always all about the food, which makes is doubly hard for me because I love food, socialising around food, and overindulging over Christmas. I think this year will be slightly different because I am more aware of what I’m eating, so while I know I will overeat, I will also be curbing it so it doesn’t spiral out of control…

Last weeks goal: Burn 1600 extra calories
I did: 587 calories, but overate by 1000 calories – 587 / 2600
I haven’t exercised anywhere near as much as I should or could have. If I had, I probably would have lost more weight this week. I need to keep trying for this.

Last weeks goal: Get 8 hours sleep 4 / 7 nights
I did: 1 / 7 nights
That’s pretty bad. To be fair, there were a couple of nights that were between 7 and 8 hours sleep! Over the past 2 nights I’ve started to do a 5 minute yoga routine before bed. This has helped me to relax and get to sleep more quickly, so I want to continue this!

Goals for next week
Weight: 218 pounds
Food: Eat within my calorie limit 6 / 7 days
Exercise: Burn 1000 calories
Sleep: Get 8 hours sleep 4 / 7 nights

I will be doing a weigh in post on Sunday, to write about my 3 month goal and to rejig my upcoming goals to make sure they’re achievable!

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