Monday Runday

I went for a run! Yaaay!

It was so hard. It’s been over a month since my last outdoor run, and my god could I feel it. I’ve lost the little fitness I had built up in regards to running. Tonight I had painful lower back pains – it felt like my lower back was in a spasm or a cramp. I’ve never had that before when running – is this a thing? A running thing that happens? I dont know. I had lead legs, shin pain, breathing problems, sore ankles, and the weird back pain. It wasn’t fun…

Distance: 3.4km
Total Time: 32:23
Moving Time: 31:16
Average Pace: 9:06/km


Next run is penciled in for Thursday…I’m hoping the next ome goes better…

4 thoughts on “Monday Runday

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