Weigh in Wednesday


I haven’t been very well for the past few days, so I’ve been reeeaally inactive. Not particularly fun…

Last Week: 227 pounds

Today: 221 pounds

To Lose for Goal 1: 11.5 pounds

Well that’s a dramatic difference in a week. I’m almost back down to my pre-christmas weight! My eating has been generally better which I think has been what’s helped this along. Added to me being ill might also have an effect…we’ll have to see once I’m recovered…


Last Weeks Goal: Eat 1500 calories 6/7 days

I Did: 4/7 days

Well, not too bad. Could have been better of course, but there we go!


Last Weeks Goal: Burn 3500 calories

I Did: 362/3500 calories

I went for a run on Thursday, it was a short one but other than that I haven’t done any extra exercise because of being sick. Joy of joys…better next week…


Last Weeks Goal: Get 8 hours sleep 4/7 nights

I Did: 6/7 nights

HOLY MOLY I actually got decent sleep this week. Granted, some if it was because I’ve been ill and it was very restless sleep, but still. It was sleep in a good quantity. What I’m wondering now is…does this have a direct correlation to the weight I lost this week? I mean, with food I wasn’t exactly perfect so…probably?

Goals for Next Week

Weight: 219 pounds

Food: Eat 1500 Calories 6/7 days

Exercise: Burn 1000 Calories

Sleep: Get 8 hours sleep 4/7 nights


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