Weigh in Wednesday

Happy Wednesday… The last Wednesday of January!  I don’t know about you, but I feel like this month has flown by. It’s been crazy, a world of busyness and tonsillitis. I haven’t been very active atall this week, and I think the scales will reflect that. However, I am moving out this weekend, so I think running regularly will be a good way to explore the local area I’m moving to.

Last Week: 223.5 pounds
Today: 225 pounds
To Lose for Goal 1: 15.5 pounds

Told you. 1.5 pound gain – that is also down to bad food choices this week. Not the end of the world, it will come off again for next week!

Month Summary
Weight at beginning: 227 pounds
Weight at end: 225 pounds
Difference: -2 pounds
Year to date: -2 pounds

Next month: lose 7 pounds
Next week: lose 2 pounds
Food: Eat within 1500 calories 5 / 7 days
Exercise: Burn 1000 extra calories
Sleep: Get 8 hours sleep 4 / 7 nights


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