Weigh in Wednesday

Morning, morning, morning!

Here goes:

Last week: 227.2 pounds
Today: 227.8 pounds
To lose for goal 1: 18.3 pounds

A gain of 0.6 pound. That’s really annoying! I’m really bloated and feeling heavy this morning, so I might re-weigh tomorrow to see if that is what affected my weight rather than actual weight gain. Or maybe I just put on weight, who knows.

*EDIT* I re-weighed myself Thursday morning and came in at 226.6 – in actuality I lost 0.6 pounds from last week! Happy days.

Food-wise I have not been as good as last week, but I’ve still been on the good side of things. On three days I ate really well and within my limits, two days I overate, and two days I was pushing the boundary of what I can have, which is where the extra weight is probably coming from. And all the wine I drank last night at bookclub…

Have a good week!

Goals for Next Week
Weight: 224 Pounds
Exercise: Walk 8km


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