Weigh in Wednesday

It’s the last week of March, how exciting. And scary. It’s only just over 4 weeks until we’re going up to Scotland to climb Ben Nevis!! Eeep! Need to get walking…

Anyway, weigh in!

Last Week: 226.6 pounds (re-weigh weight)
Today: 224.4 pounds
To Reach Goal 1: 14.9 pounds

Lost 2.2 pounds this week! I’m pleased with that. My goal for this week was 224 pounds, which I’m happy to say I accomplished. 224 is the lowest weight so far this year – it was my pre-Christmas weight last year.

The goal 1 weigh in is this Sunday, and there’s no way I’m going to loose a stone in 4 days. So, obviously, I’m not going to be hitting that goal. I may need to re-adjust my goals for the rest of the year…or, I could work harder to lose what I didn’t lose in this quarter of the year and play catch-up. I haven’t decided yet…

My eating has been better this week, I actually planned out lunches and dinners this week and have been making wraps to bring into work for lunch. This has hugely helped because I know what I’m eating when, and the wraps and dinners I’ve been making (from a clean eating recipe book) are really tasty.

Goals for next week
Weight: 222 pounds
Exercise: Get outside and walk. A lot.

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