Weigh in Wednesday

Another Wednesday, another weigh in. Here goes…

Last week: 227 pounds
Today: 226 pounds
To lose for goal 2: 27 pounds

Lost a pound from last week, pretty good going as I haven’t been the most well-behaved eater this week. To stay on track for my goal I need to up the ante and lose more per week – 3 pounds rather than 1 pound. The only way I’m going to achieve that is if I meal plan religiously and exercise regularly. This brings me to motivation. I lack motivation to do pretty much anything, so I need to put in a mass amount of effort to get myself moving.

Last Weeks Exercise Goal: go on 2 runs
I managed half, I went on 1 short run. I am so out of shape…

Biscuit Ban
This has not gone well, needless to say I have snacked upon biscuits…sorrynotsorry.

Goals for Next Week
Weight: 223 pounds
Exercise: Go on 3 runs


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