2 week hiatus

I’ve not been to slimming world for the past couple of weeks. The first week I booked off because I was away, the second I wasn’t well so couldn’t make it in. Of course I ended up not sticking to plan and eating some off-plan things. some days were fine, but I’m not expecting a loss when I go to weigh in on Saturday. All I can do is get back on plan, and stick to it – something I’ve always found difficult, especially when I have a lot on!

Food planning is going to be crucial this week – it’s the run up to Christmas and everyone will be feeling festive,  which will mean food & indulging. It’s a hard time of year to be dieting!

2 thoughts on “2 week hiatus

  1. It is definitely the hardest time of year to be dieting but it is also the best time. I think that if I had waited until after Christmas like most people will do I would have weighed another stone on top of what I already do. This is the hardest time of year, but if you can do it in December think of what you will be able to achieve in January without the temptations. You can do it! I am following your blog so I can read your future posts and follow your journey! xx

    • I see what you’re saying. I’m planning to stay on plan this week up to Christmas, then enjoy a few treats, then back on plan straight afterwards. Here’s hoping i can stick to it!! Xx

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