Slimming World Week 6

Post Christmas weigh-in. these have never been particularly kind to me – I love the food at Christmas so tend to overindulge and eat everything.

This year, I don’t feel as though I stuffed myself stupid. there were times when I maybe didn’t need to dig into the cheese and biscuits…but I didn’t feel like I’d stuffed myself stupid. I definitely snacked less than usual.

I’ve also been ill all over the Christmas period. I think it’s flu, but it’s moved into my head so I’m so stuffy, wheezy and half deaf. Very uncomfortable!

Anyway, weigh-in was on new years eve, and I was surprised to find out I had lost 4 pounds. This brings me down to a pound under my start weight when I rejoined in November. I’m so pleased I managed to loose the weight I had put on since rejoining. Now I just need to keep going…


2 thoughts on “Slimming World Week 6

  1. Getting back on the horse is often the hardest moment – but you did it! Well done for re-joining ๐Ÿ™‚

    The key (for me) is going to stand on the scales regardless of how I feel I’ve done. I weighed in and walked out of group in a huff once and the week was waaaaay harder without the cup of tea and image therapy on my Saturday morning!

    Lesson learned lol!

    I’ve really loved the support of my Slimming World group and there’s never a word of condemnation – only help and advice! My group (which was teeny tiny on the Xmas eve weigh in – I think they were all in the pub!) put on about 70lbs between us and lost around 20!

    Also – pretty much everyone I know has been ill and its affected their eating habits quite a bit – so you can pat yourself on the back for navigating that one successfully!

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