Slimming World – Week 12

This week was the run up to my birthday. I knew that the weekend would be full of birthday food, so I tried to ensure I was eating well in the run up to it.

Weigh-in went well, I lost 2.5 pounds. In 12 weeks I’ve lost 11 pounds – it doesn’t sound all too impressive, but to me it’s great news. I’m showing myself that I can stick to plan and not sabotage myself like I usually do.

Back on plan today, though there is a lot of birthday cake left to get through…

This week I’m aiming for a 1 pound loss, more if I can manage it!

2 thoughts on “Slimming World – Week 12

  1. It sounds impressive to me – and it’s better than having put 11 pounds on!

    It might be worth looking at the reality of losing one pound a week for a year. That’s 3st 10lbs. If you lost a pound and a half a week (which is a nice sustainable loss) thats 78lbs – which is 5st 8lbs.

    Imagine how you’d feel after dropping that!

    Keep looking at it as good news! It’s all too easy to be undermined by the weight of your own expectation and give up. I’ve been there again and again – so I can really relate x

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