Race For Life: Pretty Muddy 2014

I completed Pretty Muddy today! woooooooo 

It was fun! The three of us were all really nervous before it started, we got running and that just fell away. There were nine obstacles in total, I dont have pics for all of them unfortunately, but I can sure as hell tell you about them! (if Ican remember them all!)

Obstacle 1: Hurdles

Not traditional hurdles, huge inflated pink rolls which we had to clamber over!

Obstacle 2: Pink Tyre run

This was exactly what it sounds like, some tyres laid on the floor, which you have to run through. like you would imagine for army training. except the tyres had been painted pink.

Obstacle 3: Tunnels

Some large tubes laid down which we had to crawl through! decidedly less muddy than we thought…

Obstacle 4: Army Crawl nets

blue tarp on the floor, red net above, crawl under in an army crawl. Not going to lie, I didnt army crawl. I crawled on my forearms! Still not muddy…

Obstacle 5: Mud Pools

Finally, some mud! We had to climb over a hurdle, (not inflated this time – just some scaffolding covered in fabric signs!) and land in a paddling pool full of muddy water!

Obstacle 6: Over and Under (spider web)

Rope strung across at different heights and angles, so that you have to work your way through it by going under and over. Felt kind of like a spy avoiding laserbeams. Except I could touch them and move them out of the way.

Obstacle 7: The A Frame

This old classic. Cargo net up one side, go over the top, and corgo net down the other side. These things always mess with my head a bit, and I end up feeling very unsteady on the top. we were stuck queing for this one for a bit as a poor lady was quite distressed with trying to get over it. she did it eventually, and we all cheered and clapped.

Obstacle 8: Mud. Just Mud.

We had to climb into a big inflated pool with rope strung across the top, and go under the rope while being splashed with muddy water. At this point our supporters were all around, and had mentioned to the stewards that we loved mud. As a result, we were splashed quite a lot…

Obstacle 9: Slip and Slide

The last obstacle. An inflated slide. We climbed up the cargo net on one side, swung our legs over and slid down holding hands into some mud. wooooo

Then we had a short sprint to the finish!

Total Time: 66 Minutes

Approx. Time (with stops at obstacles taken out): 56 Minutes

We did SO well. I definitely help the other two up a bit, buuut, I think they were OK with it…

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Hurdles! I'm second in on the right...

Hurdles! I’m second in on the right…

We all got DRENCHED in the mud pools

We all got DRENCHED in the mud pools




Me After


There are some more pics floating around on other devices – I’ll post any good ones!

Pretty Muddy: Training Post

Good evening to all! 

Just a quick one from me to let all of your eager eyeballs know that I went on a run this evening. The first run since my 5k last month…

I decided to run without the couch to 5k programme, and instead listened to my 101 Running Songs album. I decided to do this because I wanted to gauge where my fitness was at after having such a long break. And also because it was raining and I wanted to do a shorter run.

Run Stats (these are all approximate):
6 min brisk walk warm up
2.5-3 mins run-quick pace at beginning then tapered off to a steadier pace
5 mins walking
3 mins run
5 mins warm down

22 mins total

All in all a pretty ok run. I’m proud of myself for actually going out in the rain to do it!

Pretty Muddy Race For Life


This has come around much quicker than I anticipated…eep!

defo need to get my running shoesies on this evening. I’m really looking forward to this, also, terrified… and I had originally planned to do some strength training to make the obstacles a bit more manageable…however that didn’t happen. I’m so awful at preparing for things! BUT, I’m still going to do it anyway. And I will end up COVERED in mud. This should be interesting…

I’m planning on getting loads of pics for this one if possible.

I’m not too worried about being under-prepared, for me this is more of a fun event rather than competitive. having said that, it would be cool to run more than I did in the 5k last month-though it will be hard to compare! I feel proud of myself for committing to do this, I’ve never really been a huge fan of anything physically difficult.

My plan:

  • Get a couple of runs in this week
  • Don’t stress – prepare the mind
  • Have fun with it

4 Days and counting!

If you can find it in your heart to sponsor a fat girl about to run an obstacle course…please do!


Race For Life: The Day Of

Good evening to all!

I am proud to announce that I finished the Battersea Park 5k Race For Life this evening. Woooo I survived! Despite feeling very iffy, what with awful cramps and a mild case of IBS during the day, I still did it.

Before the race I was thinking about race times and how long I was likely to do it in, I decided that I would aim for 50 minutes. I knew full well I was not going to be able to run much of it.

It was hard. I absolutely did not run throughout, I am not fit enough to manage that just yet! I’m really proud of myself and the two girls I ran with (who both did amazingly!) I’m not going to analyse my run bit by bit, so here’s a rundown of stats:

Route length: 5.65k

1k: 6:45
2k: 9:08
3k: 8:02
4k: 9:79
5k: 8:10
0.65k: 6:03

5k time: 41:45
Total time: 47:48

Under my goal of 50m 🙂
Super Yay!

I would have liked to have run more, but I think for my first 5k that’s a really good base to work from!

My amazing collaborators:
Beth’s time: 28m
Jess’ time: 36m
They both did so well!!


Before the race

Race For Life Training Week #8

In case you were wondering, I am fully aware that I missed a week. Bad me! After my epic failure of a 20 minute run, I felt hesitant to get back out there. But after a busy week and realising the race was next week (eeeeek) I bucked up the courage to run again.

Run #16: week 5.1 of C25K – originally I had planned to jump back in at week 5.2, but I had a feeling I was being over ambitious. I was right, as the result of this run shows! To recap, this run is 5 mins running, 3 mins walking x 3. The first run I did 4 mins, then had to walk. The second run I got half way through and stopped for 1.5m, then started again, then stopped again. The final run I did the whole thing, and a tiny but extra at the end. With the final section I felt that I had got my stride back, and my breathing was under control. This was by far, not my best run. But, it also was not my worst. Not bad for over a week of not running!

Run #17: week 5.2 of C25K – thus run is 8 min run, 5 min walk x 2. Last time I did this I wasn’t really able to do much. This time I somehow managed to run for 8 minutes for the first time ever. how did that even happen?? By the end of the run I was rocking a powerful stitch and was still struggling to get rid of it by the time the next run came around. The second 8 minutes did not go well at all. I pretty much walked the whole of it…but to be honest, that’s okay because I really pushed to do the first one. Next time I’ll do better.

My Race for Life is next week, on the 11th. So next to no training time left, just 1 run to go until it’s the real thing. I know full well that I won’t be able to run the whole 5k. But I’m going to give it a shot and do my best. Because my best is all that I have to give.

Race For Life Training Week #6

Hi, my name is Becky and I’ve been running for 6 weeks. How has that even happened? I’ve never stuck to an exercise routine for this long before. Ever. Except for PE at school but I’m not sure that counts. I think having a specific event to train for is what has given me the motivation to stick with this and see it through to the bitter end! With this determination, I give you this weeks runs…

Run #13: week 5.1 of C25K – this week is a little different, each run has a different structure. The first one is 5 mimutes running, 3 minutes walking x 3. Sisterbell accompanied me again on this one, and I felt like we were a little more on even footing. Just a little. I did have to stop half way through the second 5 min run, but only to stretch out my ankles. They were sore and stiff. My stop only cost me 30 seconds or so, and I completed all of the rest of it despite having a god awful stitch throughout the last run. The next run is 8 mins running…I’m both looking forward to it and dreading it all at the same time…

Run #14: week 5.2 of C25K – this run was 8 mins running, 5 mins walking x 2. I was dreading this a little, and I think I was right to as I was not able to run for a full 8 mins. I only took very short breaks, but ut was hard work. It was a good feeling that there was only 2 runs, which helped me to carry on. I was feeling good afterwars, and opted to move onto the next run rather than repeat it.

Run #15: week 5.3 of C25K – 20 minutes of running. I’m sorry what? Thats quite a big jump. I gave it a shot anyway, and it was awful. I couldnt do it. My ankles were killing me, I was frustrated that o couldnt do it-especially as there is only 2.5 weeks until my race for life. I ended up sobbing a bit. Sob-running is never attractive. Ever. I’m going to repeat week 5.2 and 5.3…

Race For Life Training Week #5

This week has gone much better. Not feeling quite as despondent as last week! However I only got 2 runs in…

Run #11: week 4 of C25K – First attempt at doing this again after the epic fail last time. It wasn’t as bad. I went alone this time, and I think it helped me get myself back into the running zone. I wasn’t competing with anyone or trying to keep up with a pace I couldn’t sustain, so I acheived more. I didn’t complete the whole run so I’m going to need to do this week again until I can, otherwise I’ll be moving even more out of my depth and risk another meltdown. I did the first 3 mins, then had to stop during the 5 min for about a min and a half. I didnt do any of the second 3 min, but…I did the whole of the last 5 mins. Yay new running record!

Run #12: week 4 of C25K – this is meant to be week 5, but as I said above there’s no point in moving to the next week if I can’t complete this one. So with that in mind, I went out and completed it. All of it. I knew I could run 5 mins from last time, and I knew I needed to complete it or risk falling behind on the programme, so it just kind of happened. Wooooooo! I also switched to using Nike+ instead of map my run, there’s just a couple of extra features on the nike app that puts it in better stead than MMR. I feel really happy about completing the run, and I feel good that I can now move onto the next run. And scared. Eeeep!