I’m still obese. But that doesn’t surprise me as I haven’t lost any weight sooo…..Bummer for me I guess.

to be a ‘healthy’ weight I need to be between 107.8 and 145.7 pounds.

Good job I’m aiming for 130 then really.

I’ve been considering aiming for lower, but I think maybe I should see how I feel when I get to there first. Being healthy is the more important factor here, it’s not just about the numbers.



I know i’ve been MIA for a little while, but have been a busy bee with moving house, going on holiday and whatnot..

But now I am back, and I am embarking on a competition. A competition against the MotherFigure. AKA, Mum.

The competition is to lose more weight that the other (until mum hits goal weight-thereafter she has to maintain and I have to continue to lose) and for each pound lost, £1 will go into a pot, to be spent on a nice meal out when goal is reached.

My goal: 130 pounds.  9 stone 4 pounds. 59 Kilos.

Current: 205 pounds. 14 stone 9 pounds. 93 kilos.

(incase you were wondering, yes I am aware that I have put on weight and am now heavier than when I started writing this blog)


The plan: chow down on vegetables and fruit.

Stick to food plans.

Go the they gym regularly-at least 1-2 times a week.

Wish me luck….

mid-week update

Not a good week, eaten lots of ‘bad’ foods that I shouldn’t have.

A pretty big part of me really doesn’t care at the moment.

But there’s still the part of me that is horrified by what I’ve been eating and what will happen when I weigh in on Monday.

Should be interesting to see what part wins this weekend. Usually on weekends it’s the uncaring part…

Hoping to go to the gym tomorrow…We shall have to wait and see if that happens though…


GymBunny FAIL

weeell, I havent been to the gym all week… I did go swimming on tuesday morning and did just over a quarter of a mile, but i havent been to the gym. at all.

im planning on going tomorow, so hopefully that will actually happen… attempt the first of the 5k runs . . . eep! I think i will end up walking alot of it. but still. it’s a step forward. literally.


So I was at the gym on monday… (for the first time in a while) and I decided to put into action the plan to attempt to run.

This plan has slowly wriggled its way into my brain because of my housemate who has been training to do runs and whatnot… honestly ive aways wanted to be able to run, but being overweight and asthmatic and not really enjoying it before has kind of held me back, alot.

The plan formulated slowly into, lets start out really small. I am able to run for the bus when I need to, I get out of breath, but thats more, trying to get there as fast as I can before the bus goes rather than jogging along at my own pace. so, I decided to start with half a kilometer. see if I can run that, then gradually run for longer and then faster etc…

After being on the cross trainer for half an hour I went to the treadmill, jumped on, and ran. for half a kilometer in 4 minutes 17 seconds. I did it, (big woo 😀 ) but was out of breath and my calves and ankles hurt. (obviously I stretched out after, not doing so = ouchies)

I think my body isn’t used to running, or exercising in general, which is why my legs hurt so much. I’m hoping to continue running and run for longer periods of time, and maybe eventually run outside… big scary outside world…

If this goes well, I’ll think about joining my housemate in applying to runs and actually achieve something through exercise…big scary thought.


Did a mega session at the gym today, burnt a total of 766 calories, and travelled (on the machines) 14.15km all together…. I’m assuming its kilometres its measured in? :S that’s more than I’ve ever done at any one time before 🙂 yay me…

hopefully this newfound endurance will continue and improve… maybe I’ll end up living at the gym like a true gym bunny…. hmm…bit far fetched maybe?

midweek first week

Not doing too badly, other than eating out at a harvesters yesterday – BUT, i did opt for lower calorie options, and lean meat, and didnt have a dinner later in the evening (mostly because i was full for hours after…) i did chow down on several clementines though. which abated cravings for sweet things. plus, vitamin c is always good 🙂   only downside is now ill need to buy more in the next day or two..

Gym so far has been a no-go, however i may be going later on this evening depending on uni work. which will be good 🙂 if not, then i will definitely go tomorrow after my lecture. promise.


Oh! also, i have a more definite time space to aim for, I’m hopefully going on holiday abroad with a couple of friends at the end of june, so this gives me a good time frame and motivation to work towards something, rather than relying on my willpower alone….oh the exitement 🙂