Shred update

I’ve been naughty and have missed a whole load of shreds!

Today was meant to be the last day, however I have missed 14 days. (not consecutively, there are one or two workouts thrown in there!)

Today I did level 2 day 6 (day 16 overall) And to punish myself further, I have started the 30 day squat challenge again.

The workout today went well, I’m not doing so many variations (like I was a couple of posts ago due to sore shoulders!) So I like to think that’s an improvement! I need to be so much stricter on myself with these. EG If there’s a day when I can’t do it for whatever reason, I must make sure I do another kind of workout. whether that’s some strength moves, or a walk, maybe even a run or bike ride!

I just marked up my graduation goal on my weight loss chart, and Its a very steep decline. only way I’ll be able to hit it is if I am super strict on myself with both food and exercise.

weigh in-6 weeks until graduation

218 (-1)    I  FINALLY lost something!

The past three weeks I’ve been at 219! Felt like I was stuck!

Hopefully I’ll now be able to to keep on losing, otherwise I’ll never make my graduation target of 196. 22 pounds. In six weeks. I’m going to have to work REALLY hard to hit that goal. No more bad food choices!

Graduation Goal: 196 pounds & a UK Size 16 dress!

Ultimate Goal: 130 pounds

This Week:

Cut out ALL bad foods & stick to calorie goal

Exercise more-30 Day shred & walking

Sweat out 3 pounds for next week!


Weigh in

219 pounds  (+/- 0)

Graduation goal:  196  (23 pounds to go)

I Didn’t weigh in on monday like I usually do as I was away over the weekend. I feel like I should be surprised that I didn’t put weight on, but at the same time I was very ill on Monday (which delayed me coming home) so it is completely feasible that I didn’t gain anything. I seem to be allergic to kiwi, the last two times I have eaten it i have been violently sick afterwards. To the point where my body wants to expel anything that is still in my digestive system. Not fun at all. But hey ho, I won’t be eating that EVER AGAIN. 

This week:

Catch up with workout

Food diary

lose 2 pounds for next week

30DS Level Two

The dreaded level two hit me in the face. And shoulder. This level is A LOT of ‘plank’ work – leaning in a pushup position and doing different exercises. This resulted in a damaged shoulder, and inability to actually do the workout. I did the next two with modified moves, so instead of plank-Jacks I did jumping jacks. Thus, giving my shoulder time to heal.

To add to the shoulder disaster, I was away this weekend and did not keep up with my workouts (other than on saturday) so I now have 4 to catch up with.

Furthermore, Being my usual clumsy self, I fell up the escalator on the tube today and bashed my knee on the metal step. Big owies. My knee looks like someone jabbed it with a giant fork…

So now I have to contend with a stiff, sore knee ontop of sore shoulders and an epic catch up!

Bruised kneeOwie knee bruise!


5, 6, 7, 8!

My boot scootin’ baby is driving me crazy…

Not really.

I am up to day 8 in the 30 day shred. had to play catch up of course, so yesterday did day 7 and 8 and today I am feeling the after-effects of that! Today I am also meant to be doing a double, for day 9 and 10, but I’m not too sure I’ll be able to do it! I’ll definitely do one, then I can gauge whether I’m able to do the next one or not!

I’m hoping I will do both today, so tomorow, Level 2 day 1, is a clean start. I know the next level is harder, and I am not looking forward to it. Dreading it would be how I would describe it.


Weigh In!


My food choices have not been the greatest this week, so I’m not surprised I haven’t lost anything. Coupled with missing a few workouts (which I need to catch up on) it’s not looking good!

Last night I did a workout at 1am. I wanted to kickstart my catching up, and doing it that late meant I wouldn’t have to do three in one day! Of course once I was showered and ready for bed I couldn’t sleep because I was far too awake!

This week:

Keep on top of food diary-Log Everything!

Keep up with workout

Lose 2 pounds

Day 5 of the 30 Day Shred!

Hello Blog World!

The shred is going well so far. I missed day 3 and had to do double to catch up again! So did two yesterday.

Todays shred was easier, still a sweaty session but it felt easier! Hoping this is an improvement that can carry me into level two of the shred. last time I got that far I found level two VERY difficult.  We shall have to see!

Not noticed any differences body-wise as of yet. But then I didn’t notice any changes at this point last time either.

Happy Thursdays!

The Aftermath of Holiday!

Before: Managed to lose 7 pounds before going away which is, of course, good news.

During: Ate like a pig, swam a lot

After: Discovered I put back on 5 pounds while away, which jumped me up to 219, then put on a further 2 pounds, but am now back to 218. (This jump up and down is due to a scales malfunction I believe, I think my trusty scales are not long for this world. Also my family scales tell me I’m lighter 😉 making me more inclined to use those instead!)

I am now hovering around 218.

Restarted the 30 Day shred, missed yesterday (day 3) but going to do it twice today to make up for it. I have a tracker up on the wall, and my sister is doing this with me, so we can support each other and stay motivated!


Graduation (in 10 weeks): lose 24 pounds (193 pounds) 2.4 pounds per week.

Complete 30 day shred and venture outdoors to start running again!

Keep up with food diary.


Weigh in

215 pounds.

I keep fluctuating between 214 and 215, however I think the 215 today is due to having a BBQ at the weekend!


My Plan:

-Keep food diary

-Make good food choices

-Continue with 30 Day Shred

-Green tea!


Target: 208 pounds


I haven’t been doing the 30 day shred consecutively, however I am still doing it. No matter how tired I am thanks to my new personal trainer.

Just completed my day 3, and I am glad I did it today despite being tired. 

Only a week until my holiday, and I have 8 pounds to lose still. It’s possible, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to make it! 

I need to be stricter with my food choices, I’m fine when at home, it’s just when I venture out into the big bad world! Keeping a food diary will help, because I will think about having to write up that I ate unhealthily before eating it.